Bachelor in Paradise: 4 Things we didn't know about Samantha Steffen

Sep 1, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. ET
Image: ABC

Everybody loves to hate on Samantha Steffen, but she may not be quite as evil as we've been led to believe. Even the worst Bachelor in Paradise star has a good side!

Samantha Steffen is no angel, but is she really deserving of all the hate she's received on social media during these past few weeks? Samantha is playing the same game as the other cast members, and her tactics are nothing new; she just happens to know what she's doing. Before you continue to bash the poor gal, keep the following in mind:

1. She has a good sense of humor

There's nothing quite like a Bachelor in Paradise star who is willing to poke fun at herself. Samantha knows that she's been cast as this season's top villain, but she also knows how to make the most of it. The reality TV star showed off her sense of humor in several recent tweets, including the following gem:

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2. She's not happy about all of the hate on Twitter

It's only natural for the designated villain to receive social media hate, but some of the tweets targeted at Samantha have been a bit excessive. Although she continues to maintain a welcome sense of humor while addressing her Twitter followers, Samantha has made it pretty obvious that she's not happy about the mean tweets she continues to receive.


3. She really does want the best for Juelia

Everybody felt super sorry for Juelia when Samantha appeared on the scene and stole away Joe (and then summarily rejected the guy and stole his villain status). But Samantha just might have done Juelia a favor, because there's no way somebody so sweet would have enjoyed a quality relationship with a doofus such as Joe. Ultimately, Samantha wants the other ladies on her season of Bachelor in Paradise to also find their happy endings, which is why she made a point of sending her so-called nemesis a very supportive tweet.


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4. She knows a thing or two about puppy love

Even if she doesn't find true love on Bachelor in Paradise, Samantha can at least cuddle with her furry friend.The reality TV star showed off this canine pal in an adorable Twitter post, just in time for National Dog Day. Who could hate a reality TV star with such an appreciation for cute dogs?


Samantha may not be the most likable gal on Bachelor in Paradise, but she's also not as awful as everybody has been so quick to assume. If nothing else, she makes the show very, very interesting!

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Images: ABC

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