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RHOC‘s Tamra Judge had a pretty graphic sex party (PHOTOS)

Say what you want about Tamra Judge, but she certainly knows how to throw a memorable party! The RHOC star definitely didn’t disappoint during tonight’s episode; her crazy sex party included sushi served on a nude model and a very awkward sex tape starring none other than Tamra and Eddie.

The ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County know a thing or two about parties, but usually, they manage to keep their festivities rated PG-13. This was definitely not the case at the occasion featured on tonight’s episode of RHOC. Tamra evidently thought that her friends’ events were a bit too tame, so she decided to amp up the controversy with her very own sex party. The result was a very graphic and, at times, awkward affair.

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The fun began with a sex tape starring Tamra and Eddie. The video featured a lot of moaning and dirty talk, but ended with the two simply stretching out in a fitness studio. This was the perfect approach for Tamra, who was able to have her cake and eat it, too. She could star in the dirty sex tape of her dreams but, due to the humorous ending, not be judged too harshly.

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Most of the guests seemed to be cool with the whole sex party concept, but Vicki Gunvalson evidently took issue with the idea. Either that, or she simply wanted to stand out. Tamra believes that sex sells, but when you’re in a room full of nearly naked individuals, it’s far easier to attract attention by covering up in an angelic white outfit. She continued to act as Tamra’s foil while chatting with the nude gal used to serve the evening’s appetizers. The young woman was perfectly happy to have her nearly naked body on display, but Vicki took it upon herself to get the model an education.

Surprise, surprise: Meghan Edmonds had the complete opposite reaction to her “bitter old lady” nemesis. She dressed in a predictably raunchy outfit and proclaimed that Tamra’s tape (and party in general) was sheer genius.

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Meghan may have been all in favor of the whole sex party concept, but several of RHOC‘s fans took issue with the idea, as evidenced by the following tweets.

The sex party definitely had its awkward moments (namely, Heather bleeding all over the place and Vicki lecturing a nude model), but Tamra at least gets points for trying something a little different. There’s no way she’ll be able to up the ante after this oh-so-raunchy affair!

Images: Bravo

What did you think of Tamra Judge’s sex party idea? And how about that sex tape? Was this an original and exciting new concept or an awkward attempt at being the center of attention? Comment and share your opinion below!

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