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Kim Kardashian haters take pregnancy-shaming way too far after VMAs (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian accompanied her husband, Kanye West, to the MTV VMAs on Sunday night, toting an ever-growing belly.

Now, we know Kardashian is the most photographed celebrity in the world and sometimes the photos that are snapped aren’t all that flattering. And then there are times that Kardashian’s wardrobe choices don’t make it easy to not be critical of her or her looks.

And now that she is becoming more visibly pregnant by the day, any wardrobe choice is going to be met with such intense scrutiny that we should expect an onslaught of hate toward the mother-to-be.

But the images of the reality TV star that are now floating around the Internet following her red carpet walk at the VMAs likening Kardashian to the Penguin from the Batman movie are unspeakably disgusting.

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In a society where women are objectified for every single hair on their head, can pregnancy just be off-limits?

Here is the problem with making fun of any woman’s body while she is pregnant: You have little to no control over the way your body responds to being pregnant; you are growing a human with your body!

Women should be free to go through pregnancy without the fear that people are going to judge them (especially this harshly) by their appearance.

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She could be the size of a truck or look like she’s not pregnant at all, yet you should tell that woman she is beautiful. Women have enough to think about while pregnant and living up to society’s unrealistic beauty standards shouldn’t be one of them. And even though she’s Kim Kardashian, she should be afforded that societal kindness, too.

I hope that it doesn’t come across Kardashian’s social media feeds, because someone who clearly cares a lot about the way she looks and is already in the midst of a potentially dangerous pregnancy shouldn’t be put under that kind of pressure, lest it cause more problems.

I don’t care what your personal thoughts are about the Kardashians, this comparison is shameful.

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