Candice Accola's pregnant: How will Vampire Diaries handle the baby bump?

Aug 31, 2015 at 2:33 p.m. ET

Candice Accola is pregnant with her first child!

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And while we're so happy for the actress and her Fray guitarist husband Joe King, we can't help but wonder what will happen with her Season 7 story line on The Vampire Diaries now that she's got a growing tummy.


Obviously, they can't just make her character Caroline pregnant since, well, vampires can't have babies. (This ain't Twilight, people! We think...) But since the show is in full swing filming Season 7, they're definitely going to have to work around her bun in the oven somehow.

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Caroline and Stefan's romance was set to take center stage in Season 7 since Elena is now in a protective coffin for a while as actress Nina Dobrev took her leave from the show.

Perhaps the show will throw in some crazy baby loophole to explain her changing body. But if The Vampire Diaries is somehow going to finagle a Caroline pregnancy, does that mean Stefan will be the daddy?

But Accola said during Comic-Con this year that the Caroline/Stefan relationship was going to be far from easy going in Season 7. "It will definitely be a little more challenging than Caroline anticipated to figure out what kind of 'ship' she has with Stefan, whether it's a friendship or a relationship," the actress explained. "So we're going to see her struggle being able to play it cool."

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And we can only imagine a pregnant Caroline would be anything but cool. Can you imagine all those baby hormones paired with her type A personality? It would be absolutely hilarious.

Still, we're guessing that rather than taking the vampire pregnancy loophole strategy, the show will rely on some cleverly placed lamps and spiffy wardrobe adjustments for a few months until Accola gives birth.

So far, showrunner Julie Plec and Accola have yet to comment on what the news means for Season 7.

How do you think the show should work with Accola's baby bump?