Manzo'd With Children fans attack Lauren Manzo's bridezilla behavior

Aug 31, 2015 at 12:06 a.m. ET
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Lauren Manzo has a lot to learn about adult life. Unfortunately, Caroline's efforts to school her daughter are falling on deaf ears. Fans of Manzo'd With Children are sick of Lauren's entitled attitude, as they've made abundantly clear on Twitter.

Based on the wedding photos that littered the various Manzo Instagram pages last month, Lauren was a stunning bride. But to what lengths did she go to arrive at her dream wedding and her dream dress? Based on the behavior captured on Manzo'd With Children, Lauren was a huge bridezilla in the lead-up to her big day. Add this to her outrageous expectations, and it looks like there could be big problems down the road for Lauren and her hubby. Hopefully, she will quickly realize that marriage requires compromise and even hardship. After years of getting everything she wants, Lauren might not be ready to deal with the realities of life as a married woman!

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Caroline has seen Lauren's behavior up close, and she is very, very worried about her daughter's future. During tonight's episode, the worried mom made it clear that years of easy living had turned Lauren into a monster. While this may have been a bit harsh, Caroline definitely had the right idea. As she was quick to point out, Lauren could be in for a nasty surprise when she encounters the real world.

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It's not unusual for blushing brides to experience anxiety. These stressed ladies sometimes say things they later regret, but Lauren takes this concept to a whole new level. She has been a most unpleasant person during the current season of Manzo'd With Children. Fans of the show are definitely not happy about her behavior, as they've made clear in these tweets:


Amazingly enough, Lauren has still managed to retain her fair share of supporters, even after acting like a huge bridezilla. One fan argued that Caroline's warnings could have potentially had the wrong effect. Thanks to Instagram, we know that Lauren went through with the wedding, but she could have just as easily gotten cold feet after hearing her mom drone on about the all the low points of married life.


Hopefully, for the sake of poor Vito Scalia, Lauren will take her mom's advice and tone down the entitled behavior. Unfortunately, this can't be entirely chalked up to typical bridezilla behavior. Lauren's life of ease may translate to future problems in her marriage, especially as she adjusts to having a somewhat normal life with her husband.

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