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Don’t Be Tardy fans shame Brielle Biermann’s dreams of being a mother

Brielle is part of a huge and crazy family, but that hasn’t necessarily scared her away from the idea of having a big family of her own one day. Based on a concerning scene from tonight’s episode of Don’t Be Tardy, that day might arrive sooner than Kim would like.

Kim Zolciak is constantly chasing after little kids (and teenagers who act like little kids), so the last thing she needs right now is to add grandchildren to the mix. When Kim very awkwardly asked Brielle Biermann’s boyfriend Slade whether he and his gal might make the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum a grandma, she was surprised to learn that her daughter and potential son-in-law were very very amenable to the idea… perhaps too amenable!

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To Kim’s shock, an excited Brielle declared that she would love to be a young mom, just like Ms. Zolciak was nearly two decades ago. Suddenly realizing that her daughter was serious about having kids in a few years, Kim made it obvious that she did not approve of this plan.

Kim’s response is not surprising; based on what we know about Brielle, the young woman will not be ready for kids in a few short years. Brielle is just not mature enough to handle the responsibilities of parenthood. Remember, this is the same person who crashed four of her parents’ cars in quick succession. Driving ability might not be a direct indicator of future parenting skills, but given Brielle’s history, the thought of her with kids remains very unsettling.

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To be fair, Brielle spent the first portion of the episode insisting that she had no interest in hanky-panky with Slade. She also claimed that she did not intend to become a teen mom. So, if she really does mean what she says about being a young mother, she wants to at least be a 20-something before establishing a family. If her life goes as currently planned, she’ll be “married with one on the way” in five years. For a normal gal, this wouldn’t be so bad, but the thought of Brielle with a kid in five years is still a bit concerning.

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Don’t Be Tardy‘s Twitter fans are not big on the idea of Brielle becoming a mom before the year 2020. Ideally, she would wait at least a decade, because when it comes to emotional maturity, she has a lot of catching up to do. A few of the show’s fans hope that Brielle is joking about young motherhood, but others maintain that this is not a joking matter.

Some fans didn’t take issue with Brielle, but rather with Kim’s sudden decision to crack down:

Brielle does have a way of trying to mess with her mom, but she seemed just genuine enough in this particular scene to leave fans feeling a bit concerned. Maybe she’ll be a decent mom one day, but it will be best for everybody if Brielle and Slade (or whoever her future baby daddy happens to be) wait a long time before popping out babies.

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Do you think Brielle Biermann will be ready to have kids in a few years? Comment and share your opinion below!

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