Man Crush Monday: Dave Franco is much more than just James' little brother

Aug 31, 2015 at 12:05 p.m. ET
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James Franco seems to be the member of the Franco family that soaks up all the limelight, but we're totally crushing on his younger, just as talented, but slightly less attention-seeking brother, Dave.

It's true that many of us were introduced to him as Greg the soccer player who peed his pants in 2008's Superbad, but, baby, has he come a long way since then.

Dave Franco

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Maybe it's the adorable smile, smoldering stare, quiet confidence or wicked comedic timing, but lately we just can't get enough of this Franco.


Here's a little info so you can get to know, and love, him as much as we do.

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Franco's first-ever role was an episode of 7th Heaven way back in 2006, but since then, he's shown himself to be an acting force to be reckoned with. He's had arcs on TV hits like Privileged, Greek and Scrubs, and had us in stitches alongside Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as Eric in 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street.

He's obviously proven himself in front of the camera, but Franco has also been the brains behind a number of Funny or Die skits. He has written eight shorts for the comedy site so far and directed one as well.

Did we mention he does a mean Robert De Niro impression?

Zac Efron, Dave Franco

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Franco went to the University of Southern California to study psychology, but he opted not to finish in favor of pursuing his acting.

But while collegiate life didn't totally turn out for him, that doesn't mean the guy isn't a brainiac. In fact, Franco's mom told Oprah that he was very ambitious at a young age. "[Dave] was writing a lot of poetry in high school and even got published," she said.


Dave Franco

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As if we didn't already have a million reasons to love him, it turns out Franco is totally obsessed with kitties!

"I'm the weird cat guy, for sure," Franco told People magazine in 2010. "I do love my cats, Harry and Arturo. I guess I realized that I'm the weird cat guy when I don't see someone for a while and the first thing they ask me, is, 'How have you been?' And then literally the second question is always, 'How are your cats?' That's not normal."



Franco got engaged to fellow actor, Mad Men's Alison Brie, this summer. The two have been dating since 2012.

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Social media

In this day and age, it's always refreshing when you come across a person, celeb or not, who just says "no" when it comes to being plugged in, and Franco is one of those people. Older brother James may be an addict, but this Franco doesn't see any appeal in having Twitter or Instagram accounts.

"I just don't want that negative energy in my life every day," he told Ask Men of his antisocial media stance.


It's also important to note that he might not feel the need to tweet or put up Insta posts because he already seems to have a social media coordinator in James, who is more than happy to keep fans updated on his younger brother's behalf.

Brotherly love


Clearly, the Francos are a tight-knit bunch and, though Dave has said he would like to distance himself from his brother careerwise to avoid any nepotism stigma, he's always quick to credit James for helping him get his foot in the door in Hollywood.


Who is your favorite Franco?