Face Off's Libby Rose says giving immunity can be unfair

Aug 31, 2015 at 10:56 a.m. ET
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Libby Rose, the fifth person eliminated from Face Off, spoke with us exclusively about challenge immunity, how her mom's career influenced her desire to work in the movies and how she landed a spot as a contestant on the show.

SheKnows: When you learned Meg was going to be your partner in this challenge, were you instantly worried about her being safe from elimination after winning immunity?

Libby Rose: It was really hard. If it came down between the two of us, that was really the only thing I was worried about. If both her and I are on the chopping block, she had immunity, which would mean I would be going home. I was thinking about it, but in the amount of time we have, you really are just focused on the work that you're doing. It's not like I had a lot of time to sit and dwell over what might possibly happen.

SK: Do you think it's unfair to offer immunity before a team-based challenge?

LR: I think immunity would be better for individual challenges. For the team one, it does put a lot of pressure. I think it also makes things unfair. I've read some of the comments that people have made. Some are like, "Meg, you had immunity. Why didn't you just focus on Libby's?" That's one way to look at it, but that wouldn't necessarily be fair for either one of us. For me to be like, "You're not going to go home so just kind of forget what you're doing and come help me." That kind of puts people in an awkward position, which I don't think is really fair.

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SK: How did you end up getting to be on Face Off?

LR: That's actually a really good question. I'm still trying to figure out why they picked me [laughs]. I got asked by somebody in the casting department after they found my web site. They wrote me an email asking if I had ever considered being on the show. I was such a big fan of Face Off since it started, but I never really thought of myself ever being on reality television [laughs]. I like being behind the scenes. I didn't audition until the last minute when one of my friends was like, let's just send it in. At least if it goes off the air one day I could always say I tried. I just kept on getting through all the rounds.

SK: You've said you wanted to work in the industry since you were a child. What was it that sparked the interest in you at such a young age?

LR: I think, possibly, Alien. The movie. My mom had worked on it. She was the casting director on it. I remember one night it came on TV. I can't remember how old I was, but I was young. She was like, "I'm gonna tell you what I do." We sat down and watched the movie together. She was like, "That's not a real alien." She was taking me step by step through the process. I was like, "Oh my gosh. That is real. You don't know what you're talking about." Ever since, I wanted to work in film. I actually had originally chosen working in costumes. I didn't really know that much about makeup until I started to go to school for it. I knew that I wanted to be in the movie-making process. I think that was probably one of the first movies I realized this was a really cool industry.

SK: Outside of Face Off, are there any movies or TV shows viewers may have seen your work before?

LR: Probably not. Now I've been working in the industry for two years. I have just been doing makeup for about a year and a half... So, I'm still getting my name out there.

SK: When you presented your makeup on the Reveal Stage, did you have any worries the judges would eliminate you?

LR: I actually really liked my makeup. I mean, the paint job was kind of flat, and I definitely see where the judges were coming from, but I still am really proud. It was the first time that I've ever really done a makeup like that. I could see from the beginning that we were probably going to be in the bottom looks. Meg and I had both been in the bottom, and together we probably have the least amount of experience as a team compared to the others.

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SK: When it came time for the elimination, you were left on the chopping block with Jason and Ricky. Did you think Jason was most likely going to get booted for his strange-looking lizard creature?

LR: I love the rave chicken... I'm happy that he didn't go home for that makeup. I wish they could keep everybody and do a point system. Whoever has the most points at the end gets to win. In a lot of these challenges, especially when they're teams, you don't really get to put your best foot forward because you're also considering what other people want. I see what the judges thought about my makeup. I can't really be mad at them.

SK: Was there one makeup in particular that you're most proud of?

LR: The Focus challenge, I have to say, that one I was like, "I could possibly be a top look." I was so happy with my application. There were no edges on that thing. That was definitely the makeup that I was proud to have my name on. In the first episode, Stevie and I didn't get to make the costume, but the makeup part of it had a lot of detail. That's also a work I'm really proud of.

SK: Is there one particular movie monster or character that inspires your work?

LR: Alien and Predator are the two that come to my head first. The Island of Dr. Moreau is another one I always go back to. It was kind of the inspiration I was heading for in this final challenge. I was definitely trying to channel stuff like that. That's a hard question because, honestly my answer will probably change every time I ask depending on what mood I'm in [laughs].

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SK: Would you do Face Off again?

LR: Definitely. It was such an amazing experience. I think this group of people really got on really well because they were all so supportive of one another.

SK: What's your goal for the next two years?

LR: I love working on set. As much as I want to be able to make my own prosthetics, I don't think I should be in a lab for 24 hours a day [laughs]. I'm hoping to just start making features and focusing mainly on just special effects and character makeup.

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