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Bravo star arrested for allegedly harming her husband and children

Jill Connors, who you may know as Toya’s friend on Bravo’s Married to Medicine, just found out that real life can be much more dramatic than any TV show.

The reality star was arrested earlier in the month after an alleged domestic disturbance at the Georgia home she shares with her husband, Dr. John Connors, according to People magazine.

Reports allege that Connors attacked her husband on Aug. 13 after he confronted her with text messages he had found on her phone from another man. Dr. Connors reportedly threatened to take the couple’s three children into his custody.

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Two of the three children witnessed the disturbance.

“John stated that he and Jill argued about the matter in the kitchen, and he told Jill she could not cheat on him, and that he would take the children if he needed to,” the police report stated, according to People. “John said Jill immediately became violent and she started striking him in the face with closed-hand punches. John stated Jill then started to tear his T-shirt, and she scratched him all over his neck and upper body with her fingernails. John said he had no choice but to call 911, because he was being attacked.”

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“John said when he called 911, Jill grabbed a knife or sharp object and started to cut herself in the arm and chest,” the report continued. “John said while she cut herself, she yelled ‘He’s cutting me!’ John attempted to retreat to a separate room, and then he tried to close the door. John said Jill stuck her hand in between the door and the door frame, and she tried to stop him from closing the door. John said her hand was injured from that part of the incident.”

Connors told officers, “It all happened so fast, and I don’t know how it happened. I do not know where the knife is.” She also said that her husband had slammed the door on her hand.

Connors was arrested the day after the alleged assault for domestic violence and cruelty to children, and was released after being held for one day, according to TMZ.

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The couple filed for divorce on Aug. 19.

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