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The Big Bang Theory‘s Penny and Leonard are just like Ross and Rachel

If you’re a lover of both The Big Bang Theory and Friends, then you probably adore Penny and Leonard and Ross and Rachel. Have you ever noticed that both couples have a lot in common? Yeah, it’s kind of crazy how similar these four are.

For 10 years, Friends fans watched the ups and downs of Ross and Rachel’s romance. They were together. Then, they were on a break. Then, they got back together for two seconds. Then, they dated other people. Then, they had a baby together. Finally, in the series finale, they found their way back to one another thanks to Rachel getting off the plane. Whew! That took long enough. Funnily enough, the same can be said for Penny and Leonard.

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Even though it took fewer seasons for Penny and Leonard to commit to one another, unlike Ross and Rachel, the beloved Big Bang couple still have a lot in common with Ross and Rachel. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

1. Leonard and Ross both love science

Phoebe and Ross

Image: Giphy

I have a feeling Ross and Leonard would become great friends. Ross could teach Leonard all about dinosaurs, while Leonard could teach Ross about being a physicist.

2. Penny and Rachel are into fashion


Image: Giphy

There’s no doubt both Penny and Rachel have great styles. Plus, they both love shopping. Yeah, they’d love sharing closets.

3. They get drunk and make stupid decisions

Ross and Rachel

Image: Tumblr

On more than one occasion, both couples have gotten drunk and made stupid decisions. Like, remember the moment above when Rachel confessed her feelings to Ross over the phone while drunk? It turned out for the best, but alcohol is sometimes not Penny, Leonard, Ross or Rachel’s friend.

4. They’re competitive when it comes to games

Sheldon and Penny

Image: Giphy

Whether Ross and Rachel are playing poker or Penny and Leonard are competing in a series of games, they are all competitive and like to win.

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5. Ross and Leonard are pros at pining

Joey and Ross

Image: Giphy

For years, Leonard pined for Penny. The same can be said for Ross having feelings for Rachel. Yeah, Ross and Leonard aren’t the greatest at flirting, but it all worked out in the end for them.

6. They have a big group of friends


Image: Giphy

Anyone else wish they could hang out with both groups from time to time? Yeah, it’d be amazing. I’d happily spend a weekend in California with the TBBT gang and then head to New York for some time with the Friends group.

7. Penny and Rachel go after their dreams

Rachel Green

Image: Tumblr

Rachel was known for going after her dreams in the fashion industry, which she accomplished. Penny hasn’t had an easy go of her acting goals, but, hey, that doesn’t stop her for fighting for what she wants and that’s admirable.

8. They both got married in Las Vegas

Ross and Rachel

Image: Giphy

Maybe they should’ve just had a double wedding?

Yep. Penny and Leonard = Ross and Rachel.

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