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Project Runway‘s Blake continues to anger fans with stupid comments

Blake annoys his fellow designers again, but not for the last time.

Two weeks ago, designer Blake awakened the ire of Twitter when he commented to fan favorite Swapnil that he “doesn’t speak Indian.” This week, Blake has a lot to say about himself and his fellow contestants that continues to make viewers wish he’d get sent home.

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In the workroom, the designers are on task with their latest assignment — to make a garment based on a classic piece, with their own twist, inspired by the city of New York. Blake studies the clock and assesses that they have six hours to work. Gabrielle corrects him and says they actually have nine, and Blake laughs that he can’t tell time. None of the other designers, or anyone on Twitter, thinks this is cute or funny.

During Tim’s walk-through, Blake can’t explain to him how his design will come together, and proceeds to make high-pitched, stressed-out noises as he runs around the room. Before runway, he manages to prick his finger and bleed on the dress, but somehow, he’s not too stressed out to find something snide to say about Lindsay’s garments. He interviews that they look like they were designed for a librarian with a lot of cats who stays home to read on Friday night. Uh-oh, Blake. It turns out there are a lot of cat-owning, Friday night book-reading Project Runway fans.

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Twitter is more than over Blake at this point, but then the judges astonish everyone by liking his dress and declaring him the winner (they agreed that while his dress was poorly constructed, he had taken a risk). Not only does Blake get immunity, but $5,000 and a Marie Claire feature. And he’ll be back next week to annoy Project Runway‘s dutiful Twitter followers once again.

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Have you had it with Blake? Who do you think should have been sent home tonight? What did you think of the winning and losing looks?

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