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Teen Mom 2: Is Corey Simms the show’s biggest villain?

Leah Messer has finally decided to get the help she so desperately needs; but while fans are very supportive of her efforts, Corey Simms seems to think that now is the perfect time to go on the attack. His behavior during tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 arguably made him just as big of a villain as Nathan Griffith.

The latest season of Teen Mom 2 has featured a huge downward spiral involving the obviously unhealthy Leah. It was not until her husband decided to pursue divorce that the reality star even entertained the thought of rehab, and even then, she made it pretty obvious that this was just a ploy to get Jeremy Calvert back.

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Tonight, Leah finally started to look into rehab as an actual solution to her current problems and not just as a means of halting her divorce. Unfortunately, her attempt to seek support from Corey Simms didn’t go so well. While Jeremy was all for Leah heading to rehab, Corey thought it would be better to grill the poor gal and make her feel super awkward.

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There was one silver lining to the confrontation between Corey and Leah (which was unfortunately attended by the very nosy Miranda). Corey decided to mention the elephant in the room: Leah’s obvious issues with drugs! One Twitter fan was delighted with Corey’s response to Leah’s big confession about “really intense therapy.”

Although a few fans have applauded Corey’s willingness to tell it like it is, most thought that he was way too harsh. Leah needs support now more than ever, but far from patting her on the back for making the right choice, Corey did his best to make her super uncomfortable. He also called her out for the hassle that she was supposedly causing him, since he now needs to take on additional childcare duties.

Corey’s blunt language and Miranda’s insistence on sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong made these two the most villainous people of the episode. After Nathan’s big fiasco last week, this is quite the accomplishment! It’s not easy to be more disliked than Mr. Griffith.

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Several fans have tweeted their support for Leah, but just as many made a point of telling Corey to back off. The following are a few of the evening’s many pro-Leah and anti-Corey tweets.

Leah may not deserve the Mom of the Year award, but in her defense, dealing with Corey cannot be easy. He needs to realize that her decision to get help is in everybody’s best interest.

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What did you think of Corey Simms’ response to Leah Messer’s rehab decision? Should he have been more supportive? Comment and share your thoughts below!

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