Julianne Hough's huge engagement ring spawns hateful, negative response (PHOTOS)

Aug 27, 2015 at 3:40 p.m. ET
Image: FayesVision/WENN.com

After the rough summer for celebrity marriages, is it any wonder people are jaded about love in Hollywood?

But that is no reason to stomp on a newly engaged woman's rounds of showing off the ring — a rite of passage and tradition for the newly engaged — and being a giggly, excited school girl about her impending wedding. Julianne Hough posted a few photos on her blog of her massive rock, and not only is it breathtaking, but it is a wonder she doesn't have to lift some (more) weights to be able to lug it around.

She gushed over the adorable details of the actual event and stated that even though the ring is gorgeous, it's not just about that. She said, "Getting engaged has been about much more than the engagement itself. The rush of love from friends and family, plus the support from all of you has been overwhelming The love being poured into this next step of our relationship is incredible, and I'm so very grateful."

Julianne Hough ring photo 1

And while love for the ring has been there, the love for the Dancing with the Stars star hasn't. Fans and commenters immediately began hating on the bride-to-be.

She's not even picked out a wedding gown yet, and people immediately began asking if she would be giving the ring back when she and fiancé Brooks Laich split.

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One person said, "The bigger the diamond, the shorter the marriage in celebrity land."

Julianne Hough ring photo 2

Images: Julianne Hough

Not only did people suddenly become marriage and relationship experts, but they magically became jewelers, too. "It looks like it wasn't set straight. The band looks too think [sic] for the size of the rock," said one commenter.

Another said, "To me looks like a girls [sic] $.25 jewel ring. You know those gigantic ones so little girls won't swallow it."

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The rock, which they never state is a diamond (maybe morganite?), was designed by famed designer Lorraine Schwartz, a third-generation jeweler who has adorned the likes of Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. Oh and let's not forget the 15-carat diamond engagement ring Kanye West had her design for Kim Kardashian. So I am sure she would love to hear all the feedback on her design from folks who think they know better.

Can we just be happy for Hough, who is clearly over the moon about her fiancé and her new engagement? Congrats to the happy couple, and here’s to watching her try to top that ring with an even more impressive dress!

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