Teen Mom‘s Leah Calvert is finally getting the help she needs (VIDEO)

A new clip of Thursday’s episode of Teen Mom shows Leah Calvert (formerly Messer) finally checking into rehab.

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The exclusive look from People depicts Calvert saying goodbye to her daughters as she prepares for her monthlong stay at a treatment facility to battle an addiction to prescription pills.

“I have to leave my babies for a month, and I haven’t cried yet,” Calvert reveals to her mother, Dawn Spears. “I know I have to do this for them. I know I do, because the person I used to be, the happy person I used to be, is fading away.”

Calvert has twin girls, Ali and Aleeah, from her previous marriage to Corey Simms and one daughter, Adalynn, with estranged husband Jeremy Calvert. Their split is being depicted on this season of the show.

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Simms is reportedly used Calvert’s addiction to attempt to gain full custody of the twins.

Calvert has said her addiction arose after she had Adalynn in 2013. She was prescribed pain medication for her back but has been taking it ever since.

“When I was hurting so bad, I’d take the medication, because I could get up and go. I could take care of my kids. My back wasn’t hurting,” she explains to her mother. “I told you guys, ‘I’ve got this medication. I feel like I’m becoming dependent. I can’t take this medication.’ I stopped taking the medication.”

“That person I know I could be — and I will be again — is just crying for help inside me,” Calvert adds.

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It’s important to note that the show is a few months behind though Calvert does still appear to be in the process of recovery.

She recently took to Facebook to share a prayer that is tied to Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous.

Leah Messer Facebook prayer

She and Simms also have reportedly become more civil with their custody arrangements and are focusing on doing what’s best for their twin girls, according to Inquisitr.

Check out the clip for tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2 below.

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