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Little Women: LA‘s Jasmine gets real about her feud with Tonya

Jasmine Arteaga Sorge

As much as I want to have a group of friends that are just like me, I just don’t know if it is worth it anymore. Tonya is just awful toward me.

Struggles with Terra and Tonya

I am glad Elena invited me out shopping with her even though her good friend Tonya isn’t a fan of me. It shows that she has her own opinion and wants to get to know me for me. The only thing I was irritated about is how Elena said I am coming off negative toward Tonya, but a person can only take so much before not being nice anymore.

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It is funny to me how Terra and Tonya want to have a beach party to be the bigger people when they are the ones who started all the drama.

Here we are at the bonfire, and we are still going at it, I don’t think this will ever be resolved. Tonya and I have one thing in common! Elena was right — we are both stubborn.

I do love all the support the fans are giving me. Being the new girl is definitely hard, and all the fans have their favorites, so to see them give me a chance and show me so much love and support is so overwhelming.

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Remembering what is really important in life

I have a lot of close friends, but none of them are little people. Meeting these new group of women has been hard. I am so glad to have my husband to give me advice. He is someone that I can go to for everything. We have so much fun together as a family especially now after having our son Mason.

I would love to have one more child, but I think Chris wants to wait. We have had some struggles in life, and he just wants to make sure we are ready for baby No. 2, which I think you are never ready for. We have so many more things we would like to do in life. Chris has struggled to find a job after the family furniture business closed. I have been blessed with doing hair for almost 10 years, which I love and enjoy, but I still would love to pursue some other things in life. I hope everything falls into place again and we can grow our family.

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My No. 1 focus is my family, but I have always wanted to have friends like me. It hasn’t been easy, and I don’t know if I should even keep trying. We shall see if I can ever resolve this issue with Tonya, but even if I do, it seems like with this group of women there is always something to fight about.

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