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6 Things to know about the Ashley Madison TV show

Brace yourselves, people. If you thought perhaps the profile of Ashley Madison might die down soon now that every man on a reality TV show and his dog seem to have been exposed, well, you would be wrong.

Instead, it’s entirely possible we’re going to be hearing the names Ashley and Madison even more if the team of producers trying to get a show about the website off the ground have their way. According to The Hollywood Reporter, an Ashley Madison-inspired TV show is apparently on its way, and here is everything we know about it so far.

1. The series is in the early development stages

The series, which is being written for and developed by content creation company Marblemedia, isn’t fully formed as of yet. Matt Hornburg, Marblemedia’s co-CEO, told THR that they “are in the early stages of developing a scripted series inspired by [Ashley Madison] which, given the events from the past week, make the themes explored more timely.”

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2. The show’s title seems a bit odd

THR reports that the show has been tentatively titled Thank You Ashley Madison, which seems a bit of an odd choice. Who, exactly, is thanking Ashley Madison and what are they thanking Ashley Madison for? We are quite keen for some background on this potential title.

3. The show will attempt to veer away from “stereotypical” storytelling

According to Courtney Hazlett, one of the project’s producers, instead of the show’s focus being on a man, it will center on a woman, which seems a far less predictable choice.

4. The show will tell a fictionalized version of the website’s founding

THR says that, while Ashley Madison was founded by Noel Biderman — a man — the show’s version of events will instead see the website founded by a “good mother who launches the business to help support her family,” with the mother in question being the above-mentioned female focus of the show.

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5. The show is hoping to present a different marriage perspective

While acknowledging there are many shows that are tackling the inner workings of marriage in new and innovative ways, Hazlett says the aim of this particular show is to do something innately different. “… What we’re positing here is, what if there is a third lane to run in and what if you were honest about it?” Hazlett told THR.

6. Yes, the hack will be explored — to some extent

But to what degree and how that exploration will take place remains to be seen.

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Has any of this piqued your interest? Will you tune in to the Ashley Madison-inspired show if and when it makes it to air?

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