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Brie Bella condemns Brooklyn crowds for disrespecting the Divas (PHOTO)

The WWE Divas might have been in the midst of a Revolution with each other in the ring, but during this weekend’s wrestling triple play, it seems they’re starting a second revolution with fans as well.

All three of WWE’s nights at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn featured a Divas match, but it was Monday night’s RAW that had the Divas in a full rage for what they considered disrespectful behavior from the crowd. During the match featuring the Bellas and Team PCB, the crowd just didn’t seem that interested.

While the ladies were trying to put on a good show, the crowd was not only quiet but they started chanting, “We are awesome,” in the middle of it. Brie Bella thought it was beyond rude. She posted a photo to her Instagram with the caption, “So proud of my Foxy @thefoxxyone but the Brooklyn crowd can kiss my ass!”

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Team Bella wasn’t done airing their hard feelings, either. Nikki Bella also took to social media to rage a bit, too.

She posted a photo (with an unfortunate angle) with the caption, “Where’s my shorts?! Haha #TeamBella rises! Oh and WWE Brooklyn shame on you for disrespecting women that put their bodies on the line for your entertainment. As for the ones that supported us, THANK YOU! You make it worth working so hard and having this revolution!”

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While it sucks to compete in front of a crowd that doesn’t seem to care at all what you are doing, it appears the NYC crowd might have just been doing what they do… or responding to a bad match.

A WWE analyst and self-proclaimed wrestling fanatic from IYH Wresting, Brandon Spec Lyles, says especially the Brooklyn crowd will let the athletes know if the match isn’t any good.

He said, “I don’t think they were disrespected. A New York wrestling crowd can be very vocal and demanding. If the match isn’t good, they will let you know it. This is the same type of crowd who cheered the Bayley vs. Sasha Banks match from NXT TakeOver in the same arena two days earlier. It was not a case of disrespect, but a case of poor wrestling getting a heated reaction from a vocal and smart fan base.”

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Tell us your thoughts: Do you think Team Bella was right in their admonition of the crowd? Or do you think the crowd was so disrespectful they deserved to be called out?

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