Howie Mandel apologizes for tacky bulimia joke on America’s Got Talent (VIDEO)

Howie Mandel made a bulimia joke on America’s Got Talent Tuesday night and it obviously didn’t go over well.

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Professional regurgitator (yeah, apparently that’s a thing) Stevie Starr took to the stage to swallow and just as easily bring back up a host of items, including one of Heidi Klum‘s rings, which was worth half a million dollars.

And though the judges were understandably as impressed as they were horrified by this talent of his, Mandel took his commentary too far.

“I mean, think about it people, think about it! This is probably going to come out wrong but you, sir, make bulimia entertaining!”

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And come out wrong it did.

Twitter had a field day with the comment.

The backlash was so immediate that Mandel quickly apologized both on the show and on Twitter.

But a lot of people also came to Mandel’s defense, saying the political correctness and the quick offense culture has gone too far.

Check out the full clip of Starr’s performance and Mandel’s ensuing bulimia comment below.

Do you think his comment was offensive, or are people overly sensitive?