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Kim Kardashian’s selfie’s caption has fans scratching their heads (PHOTO)

There are not many places Kim Kardashian goes without taking a selfie, so it’s not all that surprising that last week when she went out for a hike with momager, Kris Jenner, they had plenty of pictures to prove it. But it’s the caption on one of Kim’s pics that has sparked a backlash.

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Kardashian captioned the third picture taken from her St. Bart’s hike with a simple “pregnancy lips,” but fans are calling her out for the comment and asking what the heck pregnancy lips are.

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Kardashian is no stranger to online hate — and she’s just recently been crowned the most followed celeb on Instagram — but some of the commenters really went to town picking apart her appearance. Comments on the post include, “pregnancy lips, lashes, extensions, facelift, nosejob [sic] etc…,” “fake lips,” “You mean injections,” and “You have no talent and you’re so self centered [sic] can you not go anywhere without taking a selfie.”

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There are also those who are just really confused as to what pregnancy lips are (although not a common side effect, apparently swelling of the lips does happen to some pregnant women, Popsugar reports).

“Pregnancy lips? Wtf are pregnancy lips,” one fan wrote. Others agreed that the concept was completely new to them, writing, “Lol uhm pretty sure your hands feet and are supossed [sic] to swell not your lips lame!” “Pregnancy lips hahahaaa oh my good god! Worst I’ve ever heard! Injections! Get a grip and stop thinking we are all stupid,” and, “Pregnancy lips hahahah heard it all now.”

Has anyone ever heard of pregnancy lips before? And do you think Kim has them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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