Total Divas‘ Bella Twins criticized for their ‘horrible’ singing voices

Nikki and Brie Bella can be formidable opponents in the wrestling ring, but don’t expect to see them at the top of the music charts: fans are not happy about their voices, which they believe even Auto-Tune can’t fix.

Plenty of reality stars have tried to become singers, but with the exception of a few deserving individuals on American Idol and The Voice, most have failed. The latest celebs to attempt to make it big in the music industry are none other than Nikki and Brie Bella. Like the many reality stars preceding them, their voices are questionable, at best. The Bella twins tried their best, but according to several exasperated fans, they made tonight’s episode of Total Divas incredibly. painful.

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Although Brie is happy to acknowledge that Nikki’s skills are a bit lacking (and vice versa), neither of the sisters seem particularly eager to admit that they could use quite a bit of improvement. Brie did have one shocking moment of self-reflection, in which she finally confessed that she might not have what it takes to be the next big pop star. Such a candid moment never arrived for Nikki, who, confident and competitive as always, assumed she was a much better singer than her twin.

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The awkwardness of Nikki and Brie’s attempts at establishing their respective music careers came to a head at the esteemed studio of Jim Johnston, the top composer for the WWE. Jim made it clear that he’d worked with a lot of duds and, based on his facial expressions, he didn’t expect them to be much better. Even he was taken aback by Nikki’s vocal skills — or lack thereof. You know it’s bad when finding champagne becomes a top priority, even ahead of helping one of the most popular Divas record a track.

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Amazingly enough, a handful of Twitter fans actually thought that Brie and Nikki sounded OK. A few fans shared very favorable tweets about their favorite new pop stars:

Other fans, however, were quick to make fun of the Bella Twins. The following are just a few of the many tweets highlighting the sisters’ lack of musical talent.

A lot of reality stars seem to think that once they make it big on television, they absolutely must take over the music industry. This clearly is the mindset of the Bella Twins. Why can’t they just be satisfied with wrestling and reality television? There’s nothing wrong with sticking to your strengths. Let’s just hope they give up on singing sooner than later — or their “hits” might take over Monday Night Raw.

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