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Bachelor in Paradise‘s Jade accidentally reveals a spoiler on Periscope


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Yet another contestant on the Bachelor franchise appears to have accidentally let slip a major spoiler on social media.

This time, it’s Jade Roper, the former Playboy model from Chris Soules’ season. Jade is a contestant on the current season of Bachelor in Paradise and has been safely coupled up pretty much since day one with Tanner Tolbert, the guy nobody remembers from Kaitlyn’s season.

But do Jade and Tanner make it past the end of Paradise? The season isn’t quite over, but we have reason to think these two make it all the way to the end, thanks to a Periscope broadcast by Jade.

Her clip on the video live-streaming app showed that Jade is not in Los Angeles, where she lives, but is currently hanging out in Kansas City. And that may not seem very important, until you realize Kansas City is Tanner’s hometown.

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Jade and Tanner did just make their relationship official during their first one-on-one date on Sunday’s episode. They also adorably learned how to make tequila together, which is something we all want to do with our significant others now, let’s be honest.

OK, OK. So Jade didn’t quite go so far as to accidentally post a Snapchat of herself in bed with her lucky winning guy like another Bachelorette we know and love. But you have to admit, this raises some questions.

At the very least, this gives us hope that one seemingly normal couple might survive Bachelor in Paradise and all of its ridiculous drama. With all of the twists that have been happening, we could use a little reassurance that love might survive.

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What do you think? Does this mean Jade and Tanner are still together? Or do you think it’s just a coincidence that Jade is hanging out in Kansas City? Head down to the comments and share your theories.

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