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RHOC‘s Shannon Beador’s hubby did something gross on her birthday (VIDEO)

The saga of Shannon Beador’s marital woes became pretty much unbearable when the star revealed something her husband did that is totally unforgivable.

During last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, as Beador was getting ready to celebrate her 51st birthday, she revealed the horrifying thing her husband, David, did last year on her 50th.

“David was intimate with me, and he later told me: ‘You know, when I was intimate with you on your birthday, then I left and I was with her,'” she said.

That’s right: David had sex with his wife on her birthday, then left their bed and had sex with his mistress the very same night. And then he told his wife about it.

And somehow this man is still alive.

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Hoping against hope, Beador expected a better experience on her birthday this year, and while it appears that her husband did not double-dip again, the delight pretty much stopped at that.

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She opened up about the super-awkward dinner on her Bravo blog after the show.

“When I decided to come back to the show this year, it was important for me to show the true journey that David and I are taking to repair and restore our marriage. With that, come major struggles. You are witnessing one of our biggest steps backward on the night of my birthday,” she wrote.

“My 50th birthday was definitely one of my lower points of the last year and David was aware of that. To be seated at a table right next to a loud bar where there were stools and not even chairs, was not close to what I expected. I hate that I look like a spoiled brat, that nothing is good enough. But when David and I celebrated his 50th birthday at the end of last year, he made many heartfelt statements to me about what had happened on my 50th which gave me the impression my 51st was going to be special. I get it. It’s just a birthday. But it was a day that represented a painful memory. I am just grateful that time and hard work on both David’s and my part is healing this pain.”

Pro tip: If you sleep with your mistress after having sex with your wife on her own birthday, maybe next year do a little better than a glorified TGI Friday’s for dinner.

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