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Ashley Madison hack is reportedly affecting Tori Spelling’s marriage, too

The names of celebs and powerful people who have Ashley Madison accounts continues to grow.

But one name that has not been listed (so far) is Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling’s husband.

But that isn’t stopping Spelling from being both paranoid and slightly neurotic about the whole hack and leak. Honestly, who can blame her, though?

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A source close to the couple reportedly told Radar Online that Spelling and McDermott had a knock-down, drag-out fight over the Ashley Madison scandal. They said, “As soon as it became news that the Ashley Madison website had been hacked, and that users’ names were being released, Tori got into a vicious fight with Dean. Convinced Dean had an account on the site, Tori began poring over previous credit card statements looking for proof.”

But no proof was there to be found; McDermott doesn’t appear to have had an account on the cheating site, but still, Spelling refused to let it go.

Again, can you blame her since McDermott has cheated before? In 2013, he admitted to cheating on the 90210 star with Emily Goodhand so, as the source explains, “He understood why Tori was questioning him. But after six hours, they were still fighting about it! Dean has had enough of Tori’s doubts and questions, and has declared there was never any involvement with the website.”

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The cheating past isn’t the only problem in their marriage, either.

McDermott and Spelling are allegedly going through some difficult financial times that are putting a strain on their marriage, as well.

They recently moved into a smaller, less extravagant house, which they are renting. They even got a U-Haul and hoofed boxes themselves. It has been reported that McDermott hasn’t been able to pay his child support to his ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace.

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