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Devious Maids finale: 7 problems with the show’s biggest cliffhangers (PHOTOS)

Devious Maids aired its drama-packed third season finale last night and fans are still reeling. The episode was packed with tons of shocking twists and major reveals — but not every surprise was a good one. Here are some issues that fans had with the show’s explosive Season 3 finale.

1. Sebastian as the killer

The finale revealed that Carmen’s lover and fiancé (for about five seconds) was also the man who killed Louie and Blanca. But some fans just couldn’t buy the hot, more than a little oblivious real estate agent as a hardcore villain.

Especially since his character didn’t exactly think through his crimes.

2. The almost-elevator birth

The whole trapped-in-an-elevator-while-my-water-breaks story line was a little too cliché. As viewers pointed out, we’ve seen that happen on TV and in movies way too many times to count.

Thankfully, Zoila didn’t actually end up giving birth in that elevator. Plus, Genevieve using her heels to escape? Genius.

3. Taylor going crazy

Um, Taylor falsely accusing Michael of being the killer and then basically kidnapping Katie? Definitely not OK. Why would the cops just take her word for it? And why does she think taking her child away from her dad is a good idea? So many questions.

4. Michael getting himself killed

The entire hostage situation was a little iffy. How one man managed to hold a whole group of people captive using only fake handcuffs and other sex toys is beyond me. But the worst part? Instead of trying to take Sebastien down while he was busying tying everyone up or otherwise distracted, Michael waits until the villain is brandishing a gun to threaten him. Um, seriously? Didn’t anyone teach him not to hurl insults at a desperate murderer?

5. The explosion

OK, Marisol gets bonus points for being a badass and using her brains to weasel out of the handcuffs and hit Sebastien over the head. But bad call on everybody for failing to turn off the gas that Sebastien turned on to blow them all up. As if that isn’t bad enough, they all go outside and then proceed to talk to the cops right in front of the house. Which, of course, then explodes, sending everyone flying and leaving Sebastien and Adrian’s fate up in the air.

6. Adrian’s possible death

Adrian is one of the funniest (if kind of twisted) characters on the show, and having him die in the explosion would be cruel, especially since he only went back to the house to grab a picture of his late son. It’s one of the few truly vulnerable moments viewers have seen from the character, and it’s clear fans won’t be happy if he’s actually gone for good.

7. The show’s uncertain future

The hardest part of the finale? Not knowing if we’re getting another season. While the episode may have had some iffy moments, it was overall a fitting and satisfying ending to a drama-packed season and it left us wanting more. So are viewers getting a Season 4? Lifetime has yet to reveal any decision on the show’s future, but if fans have their way, the answer would be a resounding yes.

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