Our Little Family’s Michelle on the toughest question Jack has ever asked (VIDEO)

It is time for Season 2 of the TLC hit show Our Little Family. Michelle Hamill spent some time chatting with SheKnows exclusively about her children and their summer. We also got the exclusive clip below!

Summer fun with new friends

Summer was busy for the Hamill family, and will end up being a treat for the viewers. The family did a lot of traveling, including going to Oregon. According to mom Michelle, her family “did a crossover special with the show Little People Big World. We went out to Portland and we all had a blast.” Who had the most fun on this trip? That is easy. “I have to say the person in our family who had the most fun was Jack. When asked his favorite part of the summer, he will tell you it was going to the Roloff farm.” Besides traveling to Oregon, the family also traveled to New York to do some sightseeing. Back at home, Hamill told us, “The girls took their first dance class, Dan went skydiving and I took a cooking class.”

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We wanted to know more about what we would see this season on Our Little Family, and Hamill spilled the details. “The one thing that you will be seeing on Our Little Family is how much the girls have changed. Their personalities are really shining through this season. You will be able to see how they are so unpredictable; we can’t figure out which is which, personality-wise, sometimes. Just when you think you have them figured out, they switch on you. This season you will also see more day-to-day reality, what our life is like on a daily basis.”

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There has been a lot of controversy over the years regarding having television productions in homes with children, and how it affects the children. So we asked Hamill what her kids think about all the cameras and she gave us a funny answer. “The girls are oblivious to what is going on. I think they think that the crew is here to play with them. Jack totally gets it, and understands completely that we are shooting a TV show, and we will be on TV. When we are in the process of shooting he will wake up and ask, ‘What are we shooting today?’ He really loved shooting the days with the Roloffs and then coming home and watching his new friend Zach on their show.”

Parenting can get emotional

Getting serious during our interview with Hamill, we asked her about answering those hard questions that every parent has to answer. She was extremely honest about one particular question that her son asked her and how it personally affected her. She told us, “The hardest question that I have had to answer came from Jack. He wanted to know why he can’t run as fast as the other kids. He was about 4 at the time, and I just simply explained to him it is because his legs aren’t as long as the other kids’. He seemed to be good with that answer. But I have to tell you, it did pull at my heartstrings a little bit.”

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After watching the clip above, we had to get Hamill’s take on her gift. She exclaimed, “It truly was the best ever. I always ask for something that I need, like new sunglasses, a new wallet, a new purse. This was the first year that Dan and the kids made something on their own. It means so much more than a new item. I will always have it, and can look back on it and remember that this is something that they made on their own. Especially how fast they are growing up.”

Are the Hamills willing to do a Season 3?

So what is coming up after Season 2 for the Hamill family? Hopefully a Season 3. We asked Hamill if her family would be willing to come back for a third season if TLC invited them, and she said yes. Our Little Family fans can rejoice and hopefully celebrate many more years of watching the Hamills on their TVs.

Be sure to watch Our Little Family Tuesday nights on TLC, and look for Michelle Hamill’s exclusive blog on SheKnows after every episode of Season 2.


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