Bachelor in Paradise: Why Samantha is the franchise’s most amazing villain

Samantha Steffen is largely regarded as the most desirable gal on Bachelor in Paradise, but she’s also the most dangerous. Based on her behavior during tonight’s episode, she may be an even bigger villain than Joe Bailey!

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise may have been a little preemptive with their hatred of Joe, for while he is certainly not a good guy, he may not actually be the top villain in Paradise. That title just might have to go to Samantha, who began to look more and more suspect as tonight’s episode went on.

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Sam raised fans’ eyebrows the moment she stole Joe from poor Juelia’s clutches, but nobody expected that she would be so quick to kick the supposed super-villain to the curb. She left him looking like a doofus, while earning a bit of wary praise from Jared for her role as the mastermind behind Textgate.

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In the midst of all this drama involving Juelia, Sam and all of Sam’s suitors, it’s hard to believe that so many guys are so desperate to meet this crafty gal. Yes, she’s attractive, but isn’t Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor Nation in general supposed to be about building strong connections on more than a physical level? It seems hard to believe that so many guys are desperate enough to get a one-on-one date with this attractive gal that they’ll hurt whoever gets in their way. Ali Fedotowsky knows a thing or two about Bachelor Nation and even she is confused about Sam’s status as this season’s in-demand chick.

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Sam’s new status as chief Bachelor in Paradise villain

It’s crazy how quickly things can change on Bachelor in Paradise. In the space of just a few episodes, Sam went from being a potential new victim for the obnoxious Joe to, perhaps, the biggest villain of them all. And the craziest thing is, Joe ended up being one of the many victims of her scheming. That certainly doesn’t absolve him of responsibility, but now, most of the hate on Twitter is focused on Sam’s awful behavior.

Say what you want about Sam, but she has all the makings of an amazing villain. She’s cruel, she’s crafty, she’s manipulative and there’s far more to her than there is to Joe, who is already starting to get a bit boring. This is the mean girl who everybody loves to hate and each episode we get another new reason to loathe her. Sam is, like it or not, the ultimate villain.

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