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Kim Richards goes missing & her ex promises to reveal major secrets (PHOTO)

Kim Richards has reportedly run away from rehab after declaring herself cured, but her ex is posting cryptic messages about fake stories and promising to name and shame their source publicly.

An insider told Radar Online that Richards was admitted to rehab under a 5150 psychiatric hold instigated by her family, but once that ran out, the facility could not legally hold her there against her will — and the Real Housewives star decided she’d had enough.

“Kim decided to leave,” the source said. “She just bolted. The staff has no clue where she went, and it was definitely against medical advice. Her family had just visited over the weekend!

“Kim said she was cured, and felt good enough to go back to Los Angeles,” the insider continued. “This is the worst thing Kim could do at this point because she has a court appearance this week for being drunk in public at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

“Kim is her own worst enemy. She is going to end up dead if she doesn’t get serious about this!”

If true, this wouldn’t be the first time Richards flew the coop — she allegedly left a treatment center before finishing back in June, too.

Richards does not have a verified Instagram account, but the one most likely to be hers has had some interesting activity. The page has been silent for 19 weeks, until yesterday when this dedication to her daughter was posted.

Could Richards have fled rehab to spend her daughter’s 20th birthday with her? Possibly. Or it could all be a lie — rehab, leaving rehab, the 5150 hold — and a new post by Richards’ ex, Monty Brinson, seems to imply that very thing.

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In an Instagram message that has since been deleted, Brinson said someone close to the star has been selling stories about Richards to the tabloids and he knows who it is — and he is prepared to tell all very, very soon.

“…And tomorrow be prepared to read my post,” he wrote. “I’ve found out a lot of stuff and I’m not afraid to say how I feel, the truth will started [sic] getting out about every situation in the last 5 years. I thank her fans who have believed in @kimrichards11 through her journey and you will not be let down. Isn’t that what friends are for, I had to find out the truth first because I wouldn’t want to lie and finally I know through some of this investigating work from another friends all the details and all the people who have been selling these false story’s 5 percent truth rest lies. I wouldn’t do this for Kim but would also do it for my family and friends. And if I wanted to I could say a lot of things about others that I know for a fact but a lot of people would be hurt. I just believe in love, living your life as you wish as long as you don’t hurt others. Photographs of others, that would ruin families, voice mails, paperwork. But since so many people trust in me as a gentleman I would ask them if I could say it first. Then people can judge their perfect lives. Also I will mentioned the name who has been selling and telling these false stories I have it on tape [sic].”

We can’t wait!

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