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Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green’s divorce details are pretty surprising

Divorcing Brian Austin Green is going to cost Megan Fox a pretty penny, all because of a car accident way back in December.

The Transformers actress filed for divorce from her husband of five years on Friday, but sources tell TMZ that the move will not entirely free her from her soon-to-be-ex — at least, not her pocketbook. Because of the huge disparity in their incomes at the time of filing, Fox will probably have to pay Green a huge amount of alimony.

Back in December, the couple was in a horrible car accident caused by a drunk driver who hit them head-on. While the couple escaped uninjured, the crash triggered a serious case of vertigo in Green. He had a big role in Charlie Sheen’s show Anger Management for the previous two years, but he hasn’t worked since — meaning he has zero income.

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Fox, on the other hand, has two big movies coming out in the coming months: Zeroville, costarring James Franco, Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

Green’s vertigo is reportedly so bad that he is unable to get out of bed most days, and has only been seen in public twice in recent months.

The actor has not yet filed his response to Fox’s divorce petition.

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