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Anna Duggar’s brother wages full-on war with Josh and his defenders (PHOTOS)

Josh Duggar may be finding support from his immediate family and fans while he faces his latest scandal, but if he’s looking for encouragement from all of his wife’s family, he’s probably barking up the wrong tree.

Things got heated in the comment section of a photo posted by Jessa Duggar when Josh’s brother-in-law, Daniel Keller, entered the conversation to wage war with Josh and all of the fans who support him.

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Keller responded to Jessa’s post, which was a photo of a bible passage about forgiveness taken to be in support of Josh in the wake of him being outed as a user of the cheating site, Ashley Madison, with “You have to confess and forsake your sin for mercy. Not sin confess and repeat.”

Daniel Keller

Though Keller’s original post is fairly benign, it’s clear his loyalty lies with his sister and Josh’s wife, Anna Duggar. Keller’s comments became more aggressive, however, as Duggar fans rushed to Josh’s defense.

Keller didn’t take kindly to those who suggested that he sins, just as Josh does, so he should be more forgiving, and was perturbed by fan comments that said that he wasn’t thinking of the victims before making anti-Josh comments.

Daniel Keller

Daniel Keller

Keller admitted that he’s been desperately trying to get Anna away from Josh, while his parents are pushing her to stay with him for religious reasons. He also suggested that Josh’s troubles are far from over.

Daniel Keller

Daniel Keller

Daniel Keller

Keller wasn’t the only one offended by Jessa’s original post. Followers quickly attacked Jessa for posting the passage, mostly saying the Duggar clan shouldn’t be so quick to absolve Josh of his sins. Comments ranged from “Im [sic] so relieved! I can molest children, cheat on my spouse, lie and cover up my double life and attack others and STILL get into heaven! #winning,” to “Barf. Good bye [sic]. You all are crazy,” and “Don’t forget to quote Leviticus – both the adulator and adulteress shall be put to death. Oh wait, do we only quote Leviticus when justifying our hatred for the lgbt community? Haha, stupid bimbo.”

What do you think? Did Keller go too far in his comments or is it noble of him to come to his sister’s defense?

Images: Jessa Seewald/Daniel Keller/Facebook

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