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Switched at Birth: A mysterious guest star will shake things up for Bay

Katie Leclerc recently sat and dished on everything coming up on this season of Switched at Birth, and talked about the possibilities that there will be a Season 5 coming up soon.

We were full of questions, and Katie Leclerc was full of answers recently during an interview with her about the hit show Switched at Birth and what is going to be happening with Daphne as well as the other characters. She reminded us that when we left the family, Bay was in a crisis, and that is where we will be finding her when the show returns to our televisions. When asked what scene she is most excited for fans to see, she actually mentioned one with Bay — that she is also excited to see — because she wasn’t there for filming.

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Guest stars and split personalities

“There’s a scene that I have not yet seen and I believe it starts the episode. I think it’s the first scene in the episode. I’m not in the scene, so it’s just Vanessa [Marano], and it’s the many versions of Bay and she’s having a mental crack. I think it’ll be really Orphan Black-ish. It’ll be really cool to see how the editors do it and how the many versions of Bay are very different. We can really see how Bay has changed over the last few months as well.”

Leclerc also discussed the mystery person returning this season, but wouldn’t give his or her name. She explained, “I don’t know if I’m allowed to say who it is or not, but the fact that you don’t know who it is makes me feel like I don’t think I can [laughs]. Oh, shoot. Daphne has made some enemies over the past four seasons. Maybe not necessarily enemies, because this person is in a position of power and Daphne was a teenager at the time. Daphne doesn’t have any direct interaction with this character, but Bay does. So, Bay’s malice towards him is definitely palatable, but our girl Bay has a way of getting her way, so I wouldn’t worry about it too, too much.”

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A blossoming relationship

Fans have been excited to finally see Daphne in a solid relationship, and they are not alone. Leclerc is also thrilled with her relationship with Mingo. She explained the Daphne and Mingo connection by saying, “Mingo, though, is totally on Daphne’s side, and I love Mingo for Daphne. He pushes her and motivates her in ways that none of her previous boyfriends have, and he’s really good, and I like that we didn’t know whether they were going to be friends or enemies at first. They definitely have each other’s back, and I think it’s a really beautiful relationship.”

What had Katie Leclerc the most excited during the interview? The possibility of there being a Season 5 of Switched at Birth. She explained that coming back to film the second half of Season 4 was like returning home, but said, “I think what will be extremely exciting is if we get a Season 5. The return to set for Season 5 is going to be super jump-for-joy, awesome!”

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Who do you want to see pregnant on Switched at Birth this season?

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