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Jessa Duggar attacked for defending Josh with Bible passage (PHOTO)

The Duggars have been struggling to move past Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal, and his latest indiscretions have caused even more backlash for the conservative family. And now Jessa has come under fire, too, for seemingly defending her brother’s actions.

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Jessa took to Instagram on Sunday to post a picture of a Bible passage, which speaks about forgiveness, and many believe this is a nod toward the sins Josh recently confessed to.

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Jessa’s critics have been quick to react, calling her out for defending Josh’s actions. Some of the comments are, “Im [sic] so relieved! I can molest children, cheat on my spouse, lie and cover up my double life and attack others and STILL get into heaven! #winning,” “Barf. Good bye [sic]. You all are crazy,” and “Don’t forget to quote Leviticus – both the adulator and adulteress shall be put to death. Oh wait, do we only quote Leviticus when justifying our hatred for the lgbt community? Haha, stupid bimbo.”

Other fans have commented on Josh’s wife, Anna, and how they feel she needs to divorce him and get far, far away.

“If God can forgive Josh for all of his disgusting sins, he can certainly forgive Anna for her ‘sin’ of divorcing him!” one commenter wrote. Another agreed, writing, “I hope your sister-in-law gets as far away from you people as possible, enrols [sic] the children in normal schools and gives them and herself a chance. And I hope you do the same. Get out. Live life.”

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Some fans also just want Jessa to stay out of the public eye during this time — whether she’ll heed this advice is unlikely.

“Stop hiding behind the bible Jessa! Your own brother molested you! That is not normal behavior. Furthermore, your parent’s [sic] failed in getting him the proper treatment as he obviously has some deep rooted problems with being a cheater and a liar,” one fan wrote. “However, his behavior is not a reflection of who you are! Yet, you will not realize how serious your brother’s action are until your own child is born. For this reason, stay out of the limelight as you are young and naive regarding why so many people are very upset with your parent’s [sic], for judging other’s [sic] when they have been falsely representing your family.”

Do you think Jessa was defending Josh by posting this Bible passage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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