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James Corden makes a surprisingly good Barbie even if he doesn’t think so

As far as celebrity makeovers go James Corden as Barbie is one we didn’t see coming. But, strangely, it kind of works.

The dramatic makeover was for a segment on U.S. chat show The Late Late Show, which Corden has been presenting since March.

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The TV presenter put himself in the hands of American makeup artist and “transformation expert” Kandee Johnson, who gave him a full face of makeup, including contouring, to try to make him look just like Barbie.

Corden threw himself into the experience, even sucking on a lip-plumping tool at Kandee’s instruction. However he quickly realised the downside of having fuller lips, moaning: “I feel like I’ve just eaten nine chillies.”

He didn’t take too kindly to the application of eyeliner either, expressing disbelief that Kandee was going to put makeup inside his eye. When she asked if the process was hurting him, he said: “Of course it’s hurting, you just put a stick in my eye.”

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A peroxide blonde wig completed the look and the 37-year-old actor was allowed to see the finished result in a mirror.

“Oh my God, love it,” he enthused, although he wasn’t entirely convinced as he claimed he looked more like Poison singer Bret Michaels than Barbie.

“I’ve definitely slept with less better-looking women than this,” Corden added. “There is no doubt about it.” 

Watch the full transformation below and let us know what you think in the comments section: beautiful Barbie or ageing rocker?

Video credit: The Late Late Show with James Corden/YouTube

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