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One Direction fans are breaking Twitter following a shocking announcement

Do you hear shrieking in the distance?

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That’s the collective despair of millions of One Direction fans worldwide after the famed boy band reportedly decided to take a one-year hiatus so its members can focus on solo projects.

As a source told The Sun, “The guys have been together for five years, which is an incredible run for any boy band. They fully deserve to have at least a year to work on their own projects. There is absolutely no bad blood between them and they are all 100 percent behind the decision. It is definitely not a split and they fully intend to get back together at some time in the future. But for now it is the end and they go out on top as the world’s most popular music act.”

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Remember when N*Sync went on hiatus? Justin Timberlake skyrocketed to solo artist fame and the band never got back together. It’s already been a big transition year for 1D, with Zayn Malik leaving the band and Louis Tomlinson becoming a daddy. Obviously, rumors are rampant that this spells the end for the “Drag Me Down” singers.

And One Direction fans, who basically run Twitter at this point, practically made the social media site implode with all their feelings.

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Do you think One Direction will emerge from this hiatus an even stronger boy band? Or do you think the boys are letting their (oftentimes hysterical) fans down easy by taking their breakup in baby steps? Head down to the comments and sound off.

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