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Unauthorized Full House Story‘s Justin Gaston responds to haters

The biggest haters of Lifetime’s Unauthorized Full House Story were the original Full House cast members themselves, but star Justin Gaston, aka Uncle Jesse, doesn’t think the movie deserves hate.

Gaston said there was a lot of pressure taking on the role of John Stamos as Uncle Jesse: “He is a very iconic person,” the actor explained. “And it’s a very iconic character. Uncle Jesse — I mean, everyone loves Uncle Jesse, so it’s a lot.”

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No doubt the premiere of the film on Aug. 22 did nothing to help that pressure as the original cast fired away on Twitter.

But Stamos took the high road, actually showing support for Gaston.
And despite Stamos’ at least tolerance of the film, Gaston said he hadn’t spoken with the actor he was playing prior to the movie’s release.

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When we asked if Stamos had reached out to him at all, Gaston responded, “No, no, he never did.”

“I guess I can understand,” Gaston said of the original cast’s hesitation to support Lifetime’s unauthorized version of their story. “I mean, you don’t know what’s going to be in there. But it really is a positive outlook on the show and the characters and just kind of honoring one of the best shows ever created.”

“You know, from what I understand, and even making the movie, it really was a close-knit, family-type cast,” Gaston added. “I think they’re still all friends because they’re doing Fuller House. I honestly don’t think there was that much drama, you know. You do get to see what they were struggling with personally, with their families or their love life and things like that.”

But overall, Gaston thought the original stars wouldn’t have much to complain about in how the unauthorized story version depicts them. And, while they weren’t exactly complaining, it unfortunately wasn’t a warm reception.

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Don’t worry if you missed last night’s premiere. You can watch The Unauthorized Full House Story tonight at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Tell us what you thought of the movie. Did it deserve the hate from the cast that it received?

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