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10 Switched at Birth spoilers proving it’s going to be a controversial season

There’s a lot happening on Switched at Birth when it returns for the rest of Season 4, and we’ve got all the spoilers you need to know before you watch.

1. Somebody’s pregnant… and we think we know who it is

The big news about the second half of this season is that someone is going to get pregnant. No one is spilling the beans on who that will be, but we’ve got some theories. If it’s Bay (Vanessa Marano), could this be another chapter in the story about what happened with her and Tank? Or would it be a further complication to her and Emmett’s (Sean Berdy) relationship? If it’s Daphne (Katie Leclerc), what would that mean for her future as a doctor? Regina’s (Constance Marie) got herself a hot man now; maybe she’s the one who’s pregnant. Or it might even be Kathryn (Lea Thompson), which would be one heck of a surprise.

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Our top pick for the pregnancy is Toby (Lucas Grabeel) and his ex, Lily. In the sneak peek clip below, Toby says that something will ruin his life, but Daphne says it will change his life. It certainly sounds like they could be talking about a baby.

2. There’s another big controversy coming

As if the reveal of a pregnancy wasn’t big enough, the storyline will apparently bring with it another big controversy on the show. According to E! News, the pregnancy will be even more powerful than the rape storyline involving Bay and Tank. Our guess is that whoever is pregnant, they’re going to seriously consider abortion. That would definitely be one way to take a pregnancy and make it into a controversy.

3. Bay and Emmett are really over

Sure, we all saw them break up at the end of this season’s spring finale, but don’t try to say you didn’t hope that they would somehow be back together when the show came back this summer. Sadly, those hopes were dashed when we saw Bay completely out of her mind with grief over the breakup in the clip below. Say it isn’t so!

4. Somebody’s going to have money problems

In an interview from the set, Thompson talked about how the Kennishes will be running into some “financial woes,” which will bring a lot of strain to the family. Money has been an issue with them before, but it’s usually involved them sharing it too much (as when the Kennishes wanted to pay for Daphne’s school), but this is something else entirely, and we’re guessing it’s going to affect John the most.

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5. Somebody’s going on a European vacation

During another interview on set, Marie shared that the kids (we assume Daphne and Bay) are going on a trip abroad with “no parents around.” She also joked that there might be a chance that the parentless vacation could be what leads the show to the pregnancy story, but we’re guessing that’s not actually the case. Either way, the girls going off on a trip alone is bound to bring all kinds of drama.

6. Somebody’s got a deep, dark secret

In another on-set interview, Marie also shared that she’s “always slaving over hot drama” on the series, which is pretty much an understatement. What’s in store for Regina when the show returns? Looks like the next bit of drama for her will involve her man Eric and his “serious, severe, dark secret that is going to send everything into a spiral.”

7. Bay will return to her first love

On set, Marano spoke about what’s coming up for Bay, saying that she’s done taking care of everyone else and will finally be “coming into herself and stepping back into the art world.” That news comes as a great relief to those fans who’ve been dying to see Bay return to her art.

8. Daphne and Mingo have been getting busy

There may have been two possible love interests for Daphne earlier this season, but according to Leclerc, Daphne’s attention has turned to just one guy. “Daphne and Mingo have been getting along like hotcakes,” she said on set in an interview. “Daphne’s spent some time in Mingo’s dorm room, shall we say,” Leclerc added.

9. Daphne is still pre-med

Though she didn’t do as well as she hoped in chemistry the first time around, Daphne hasn’t let that stop her. In an interview on set, Leclerc said that one of the things Daphne will be doing when the show returns is gearing herself up for taking chemistry for the second time.

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10. Daphne is in a really good place

After all the drama she’s been through in the past few seasons, it was nice to learn that apparently Daphne will be in a really good place when the show returns. In a conference call with the press, Leclerc revealed that Daphne is making “super good choices” and is very happy in her relationship. Here’s hoping that lasts for her.

Switched at Birth returns tonight at 8/7c on ABC Family.

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