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Big Brother delivers landslide eviction vote, plus who won HoH (SPOILER)

Tonight’s Big Brother set us up for what became an obvious elimination as Becky and Johnny Mac sat on the block. It also provided us with yet another endurance competition designed to get fans watching the show online.

Who was the target tonight, Becky or John? With eviction looming, both were working to solidify votes on their side. Concerned that his allies were constantly dwindling in numbers, John made moves to find fresh friends for support. Wish granted! The twins offered to team up with him and Steve because they valued the boys’ strategic smarts.

When the live voting began, Becky was easily on her way out of the house as every vocal ballot fell against her, one after another. It was a unanimous decision, which made her the third member of the jury. She wasn’t surprised to be voted out, and even appreciated the fact that Vanessa was playing hard enough to cause her ouster. Plus, Becky was dressed to be evicted, and John was wearing athletic clothes as if he was expecting to compete in the next Head of Household challenge. Dead giveaway.

A peek inside Steve’s life back at home

We also got an inside look at Steve’s loner lifestyle and love of talking to himself. The stuff with Steve was pretty boring, but his mother stole the show when a segment showcased her town’s complete support of #BBSteve. She has even proudly stuck a political-style sign in her front yard displaying her Steve support. Clearly, he has become the hometown hero, as his classmates, teachers, neighbors and former school dance date were seen wearing shirts with his name plastered across the chest.

Clearly bored with too much time on his hands, James pulled his latest prank by taking Steve’s personal belongings and wrapping them tightly in plastic. Everybody stood by and giggled as the BB17 geek struggled to tear through the mess. That came before we saw a slew of silly moments as a highlight reel unleashed snippets of moments in which James jumped out and scared his housemates.

Yet another Head of Household endurance competition

With time running out by the end of the hour, the credits rolled as the eight remaining houseguests competed for HoH. Instead, host Julie Chen wrapped up the episode by revealing that during next Thursday’s live show, one of the four jury members (including the upcoming fourth evicted houseguest) will get the chance to reenter the game. After a grueling hour-plus of competition, it was down to just two guys left. Between James and Austin, who do you think won HoH? Austin! Get ready for another week of Austin and Liz in the big room upstairs. Of course, this didn’t make fans on Twitter too happy.

Do you think Becky deserved to be evicted? Who do you think is most deserving to win the entire competition? Weigh in and tell us your thoughts.

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