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Fear the Walking Dead: 6 Questions we have about the new teaser (VIDEO)

Finally! Fans of TWD will have something to sink our teeth into between seasons, thanks to the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead this Sunday at 9/8c. But as excited as we are about the exclusive new teaser, it left us scratching our heads.

Naturally (or perhaps unnaturally? supernaturally?), we’re pretty pumped about the start of TWD‘s companion show. Perhaps Fear the Walking Dead will finally shed some light on the start of the zombie apocalypse that currently plagues Rick, Glenn, Carl, Daryl, Carol, Maggie, Michonne and all our other favorite walker-slaying badasses.

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However, the three-and-a-half minute sneak peek posted on the show’s Facebook page left us with more questions than answers. Like…

1. Who is this guy?


OK, so we can at least partially answer this one ourselves. In real life, he is actor Frank Dillane, who played the young Tom Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Fun fact: He comes from an acting family — his dad is Game of Thrones‘ Stephen Dillane, and his mom is actress Naomi Wirthner. According to IMDb, he will be playing Nick Clark and appears to be in almost every episode this season. We can’t wait to see how his character development shakes out.

2. How come none of the dead guys have turned into walkers?


Nick stumbles upon a hot mess of dead guys, which raises the question: If they were bitten by the original walker, why haven’t they turned? Was the virus different then? Is returning from the dead a side effect that manifests much later in the virus’s progression? We need answers, if for no other reason than to know what to look for in the event of a real zombie apocalypse. Just kidding. Sort of.

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3. Could the virus be spread intravenously?

The implication here is that Nick and the other people squatting in this old church are drug users, right? Although the dead guys in the hallway certainly looked half-masticated, how did the original walker get the virus? Perhaps through a shared needle? Maybe in its earliest incarnation, the virus was spread not through saliva but through blood. Then again, it stands to reason Nick would have it too, if that were the case. Maybe certain people aren’t carriers. See? Told you — so many questions.

4. How come she didn’t eat him?


We can assume Nick and Gloria are dating. And since he is wearing her cardigan, it seems safe to say they probably slept (at the very least) in the same bed the night before. Does this mean she spared him? There have been a few times in the history of TWD when it has been hinted walkers might retain some portion of humanity, and this might be proof.

5. Is Gloria “patient zero”?


A glance at IMDb reveals that the character Gloria is only in one episode of this inaugural season. In a way, that makes sense — she probably doesn’t live long after turning into a walker and eating most of the tenants in her building. Still, if she is patient zero, wouldn’t there be more flashbacks to show the evolution of her illness? Interesting.

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6. Will we ever find out how the virus started?


As one astute viewer on the comment forum noted, the Walking Dead comic universe has been around for, like, a decade, and has yet to actually ever reveal a precise cause for the virus. In another trailer for this season, news reporters reference a flu-like illness. But, c’mon, we need more details. Don’t we?

Check out the teaser below, and let us know your thoughts and theories with a comment (or three!).

All images: AMC

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