RHONY‘s Sonja Morgan’s comments about other housewives make no sense

If you’re looking for a new PR manager, you may be in luck. Sonja Morgan from The Real Housewives of New York may be available. She currently is and “has been in PR and marketing her whole life.” That’s right, she was born with a tiny little Rolodex and cellphone in hand.

OK, so I’m being a little hyperbolic. But, according to Lady Morgan, in addition to being the owner and creator of Sonja Morgan International Fashion and Lifestyle brand, she’s in public relations — which, OK, fine. Maybe she is. But, there’s one aspect of Sonja’s PR claims that gets a little tricky — the part where she talks about her friends and fellow RHONY cast mates. Sonja recently told Radar Online, “I promote people and my girlfriends and costars all the time, so I can’t understand why they won’t promote me.”

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Sonja is sort of a difficult person to discuss, in my opinion. On the one hand, a lot of the things she says and does are, well, quite odd and don’t make much sense. But, on the other, like Bethenny Frankel said at the RHONY reunion, there doesn’t seem to be a mean bone in her body. Sonja never attacks her fellow cast mates for no reason. All of the bizarre and sort of harmful things she does are basically directed at herself. However. I’m not so sure I’d go as far as to say that she “promotes her costars all the time.” What does that even mean?

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During Sonja’s interview with Radar, she mentioned that it bothered her that the other RHONY girls make it seem like she’s not living La Vida Fancy anymore.

“At the reunion, they pretend like I don’t know the people I know, know the people I knew, or am going forward in my current social circle,” Sonja said. “They act like after my divorce, my standing and assets that I have worked very hard for are gone. They act as if I’m not living a wonderful lifestyle anymore with influential friends, contacts and clients.”

OK, see “clients” is the word that trips me up here. Who are Sonja’s clients? I don’t doubt that the beautiful Sonja continues to live a life that many could only dream of, but who are these clients she speaks of? And is she accepting more? Asking for a friend.

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This season, Sonja was certainly in the crosshairs for a lot of the women on the show. On more than one occasion, Sonja more or less was attacked — and she had every right in the world to retaliate. But, again, saying she’s always promoting her friends and “clients” just doesn’t add up. And I think if you asked any of the other Real Housewives, they would agree.

She may not bash her friends’ (legitimate) businesses, but have you ever seen her ordering a Skinnygirl margarita? Or a Ramona pinot? Or wearing True Faith jewelry? Or Yummy Tummy? Or Pop of Color? Or singing “Money Can’t Buy You Class”? Or reading All That Remains?

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I’m a card-carrying fan of Sonja’s and am sure she’d be a blast to go out with, but sometimes I think she makes too many claims — claims that don’t really make sense. Being nice to people (or not talking crap about them) and “promoting” them are quite a different issue.

I have a feeling that Sonja’s fellow costars will feel similar to me regarding Sonja’s PR claims… but, I also am fairly positive that none of them will be able to get through to her. As we saw this past season, Bethenny made many attempts at that, but all of them were futile. Hopefully, Andy Cohen will take a crack at it during the reunion. He’s our best bet.

As for now, though, Sonja should just keep on doing what Sonja does — partying and enjoying life. But, perhaps she should take a break from interviews. Or, you know, hire a good PR person.

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What do you think of Sonja?

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