ANTM's Delanie Dischert dishes on bullying & her experience on the show

Aug 20, 2015 at 10:15 a.m. ET

I had the time of my life competing on America's Next Top Model. I don't even know where to begin.

I had the time of my life competing on America's Next Top Model. I don't even know where to begin. Although I was eliminated, the experience became a lot more about learning than anything else. I knew who I was as a person going into this situation, which I saw as an advantage. I am very independent, respectful, intelligent and hardworking. When it comes to drama, I see no point, which is why the duration of my TV time was spent observing.

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I have been a victim of bullying for the better part of my life. Therefore, I became very defensive of those who are being picked on. I wasn't willing to stray from my morals and beliefs. I want to be perceived as a real and serious model.

The judges on the show have made me so much wiser and stronger as a model now competing in the actual industry. Although Yu Tsai was tough on me, he truly made me a better model. The tips he gave me as he saw me model were on point, and this guy is a master; he knows what he's doing.

I loved getting the one-on-one lessons with Tyra for posing techniques. She has helped me improve so much so that now, it's hard to get a photographer to let me off set. When a model is experienced and comfortable in uncomfortable situations, it becomes a brilliant collaboration.

There truly is an art behind posing and being able to feel where you are in space, and imagine what it looks like without actually knowing or seeing. Evoking emotions through photos is what we do, and I believe that nothing but the roller coaster that is success and failure can prepare you to evoke those emotions in others.

Miss J was incredible. The shoe line she has designed is fabulous, and I highly recommend ladies reading this look into them. These shoes are designed to make you walk like a diva. This brilliant lady had nothing but positive critiques about my walk, giving me the confidence that I never had before in the runway department.

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Kelly Cutrone, the woman I dreaded meeting the most, actually turned out to be my biggest supporter and fan. She picked me out of the group on the very first day. When she called my name, I was terrified. She followed with, "I just want to remember, because you were my favorite today." This was the most astonishing compliment I had received. Kelly is someone I idolize in the industry, a woman who truly can do it all and can take complete control of a disaster and make it look like the smoothest situation.

Not to mention my top 14 "family." Man, these models I got the pleasure of living with became my close friends. I can honestly say I was part of the fiercest top 14 in ANTM history. I had nothing but good relationships with every single person on this show, which is why this experience was life-changing for me.

I am the kind of person who learns much more from failure than I do from success. I will sit and ponder my failure and what I could improve on for what seems like forever. However, when I win, I rarely sit and reminisce over the situation. The fact that I was eliminated really tested my passion for this industry, and what I'm made of.

Now more than ever I'm hungry to show the world what they missed of Delanie Dischert. With my extra talents in singing, acting and dancing, I'm excited to see where life takes me. I have to send the biggest thank-you to my followers, fans and supporters for showing me their love and confidence in me. Don't you worry, keep supporting me. You haven't seen the last of Delanie Dischert!

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