Big Brother 17: All the times Steve seriously creeped us out

Anyone else as creeped out by Steve as I am? He’s likeable enough, and seems harmless and sweet, but he is a strange bird. I mean, look at this season so far. Alliances were formed and broken, a couple was torn apart, lies were told, the show’s first transgender guest was sent packing. Lots of highs and lows for everybody in the house… except Steve.

He hadn’t won a challenge until this week, and suddenly he won PoV and HoH. Well, he was HoH for 20 minutes, and they were a weird 20 minutes, let’s face it. If only that was Steve’s lone weird moment. He’s had several.

1. Steve told Vanessa he has a secret that he can’t tell anyone

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If you’ve watched any Big Brother After Dark, camera 1 revealed Steve telling Vanessa there was something that he lied to her about regarding his real life. He said it’s something he wanted to come clean to her about. But he wouldn’t tell her what it was while the live feeds were on, so he said he’d wait until the music came on in the morning. Presumably when the feeds are turned off.

Vanessa guessed that he was gay, as she is, and Steve laughed, but didn’t deny it. Is it possible that he’s related to someone famous like Frankie Grande was last season? Is he Les Moonves’ nephew? We don’t know. All we know is that this far into the game, Steve has a secret.

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2. Becky’s misery made Steve happy beyond belief

Becky squirrel Big Brother

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Remember that veto competition where they were all dressed up as squirrels? When Steve was in the diary room after Becky dropped her ball, he said this:

“Becky drops her ball, and I can see her entire demeanor — she is crushed. And seeing that misery in her is making me so freaking happy. I am loving just watching her crash. It’s that simple. I’m sorry, and good luck back in Colorado.”

3. Steve’s imagined rivalry and hatred of Becky continues

Becky vs. Steve tweet

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During that weird HoH competition when the houseguests had to fill up a gas tank thing that looked like a bubblegum machine, Steve believed that he and Becky have this contentious relationship based on nothing.

He said, “The only person I don’t want to win this HoH competition is Becky. Becky and I haven’t made a particularly good connection in this game, and I feel that I’m going to be her target because she sees me as a threat.”

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4. Steve spends a lot of time skulking around and eavesdropping

Steve Big Brother tweet

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Many people are saying that his hatred of Becky could have originated while he was creeping around the house trolling private conversations. He overheard Jason and Becky complaining about his eavesdropping and how bothersome he can be. Jason said, “The cameras give you more privacy than he does!”

5. Steve thinks he’s a big target when he’s actually been ghosting most of the game

Steve & Johnny Mac Big Brother

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When Becky won the HoH competition that later put Shelli and Vanessa up for eviction, she forewarned us by saying she was going to “take out a big fish.” Yet the next cut was to Steve, who was inexplicably concerned, saying, “Becky winning this competition is worst-case scenario… because she’s threatened by my game.” He also told Johnny Mac that he’s “the biggest target in the house.” Huh?

6. Let’s explore Steve’s moments alone

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Steve spends an inordinate amount of time isolated and talking to… us? Himself? An imaginary friend? The tableaux of Steve’s private moments were collected by CBS and ran like this:

He said, “I space out a lot in my daily life. It’s something I do.” (They cut to him waving his hand in front of his face for no reason.)

“My head just goes in so many different directions than my brain and body.” (They cut to Steve lying on floor with his legs up on the wall.)

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“I’ll go around dancing.” (They show him dancing). “I talk to myself.” (Cut to Steve alone, whispering, “This reminds me of a story that my dad told me.”)

“I do some strange things that even I don’t completely understand in this house.” (They cut to him in the kitchen with a zucchini, saying, “I’m not sure what this is.”)

Then a quick montage of Steve drinking mouthwash from a champagne glass, a feather is chasing him and then he almost breaks some decor glass bottles, prompting Big Brother to scold him, “Steve, stop that.” Yet he concludes, “I like who I am.”

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Big Brother slide show

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