Jessa Duggar’s ultrasound has fans convinced double trouble is on the way

Jessa Duggar and her husband Ben Seewald know their fans are desperate to learn the gender of their unborn child, and they’ve been holding out on the big reveal. However, Jessa’s new Instagram post has fans convinced that she’s having twins.

Taking to Instagram, Jessa posted a picture of her ultrasound at 19 weeks and three days, and she shared her excitement to meet her first child in the caption, writing, “Amazing how we can take a peek at this sweet little face, tiny arms and legs, and even see baby’s umbilical cord! Such an amazing miracle! We’re so grateful to God for you! Almost to the 10 week [sic] countdown… and your daddy and I can hardly wait to meet you! –w/@ben_seewald.”

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But fans are convinced this ultrasound doesn’t just show one baby, but two, and it’s creating a lot of excitement.

Comments on the picture include, “It looks like she is having twins,” “If you turn it upside down you can see that looks like another nose and mouth towards what is then the top left,” “Twins, you two are so blessed,” and “Looks like there’s [sic] 2 babies in there!”

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Another fan compared the picture to her own when she was pregnant with twins, saying, “Well that certainly looks like my scan when I had twins !!! One facing up one facing down can’t wait to see if it is actually one baby or two!!”

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Jessa and Ben have been keeping fans eagerly awaiting their gender announcement and even took to Instagram earlier this week to tell them to vote on what they think they are having (twins were an option).

Do you think Jessa and Ben are having twins? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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