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Kim Zolciak blasted for being an ‘ego maniac’ over thigh gap selfie (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak’s selfies usually attract a lot of criticism with haters accusing her of either having too much plastic surgery or overdoing her makeup. But, on Wednesday, the reality TV star angered fans for an entirely different reason.

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Taking to Instagram, the Don’t Be Tardy star posted a full-length picture of her body and showed off her hot new heels, but the problem with this picture arose from the caption. “My feisty followers want me to take my pics closer up so you guys can see the detail!! How’s this and listen I turn my feet in so you can see my damn shoe not to have a thigh gap cause I have that anyway!!” she wrote.

Fans of Zolciak have slammed her pose and the mention of the thigh gap, with comments including, “Thigh gap is gross anyways. Keep rocking those shoes,” “Who cares if you have a thigh gap? You’ve turned extremely vain,” “You look stupid!!!,” “Who cares about a thigh gap…. Lol,” and “Ego maniac.”

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While fans are unimpressed with how “vain” Zolciak has become, there’s also a bigger issue here. Is boasting about having a thigh gap creating body image issues among her younger, more impressionable fans?

One fan certainly thinks so, and she took to social media to write a lengthy message to Zolciak about how her comments can be harmful.

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“I love your posts Kim, but I would say a post like this gloating about a thigh gap that you “have already” can be a major trigger for girls who have eating disorders or those who have recovered- like myself. You are absolutely stunning and have a great figure. Anyone can tell that by looking at you from any angle. Don’t feel like you have to justify how beautiful your body is,” the concerned fan wrote.

Do you think Kim Zolciak boasting about her thigh gap is promoting an unhealthy body image? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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