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Jessa Duggar’s ultrasound has fans convinced double trouble is on the way

Are there two buns in the oven?

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Jessa Duggar Seewald has been extremely quiet with details about her baby, including the sex, and a new ultrasound photo posted to her Instagram may reveal why. Is she expecting twins?

A lot of fans seem to think so, and there’s plenty of evidence to back up their theory. Early in her pregnancy, Jessa and her husband, Ben Seewald, posted a video to the Duggar family website where they continuously hinted that there was a real possibility of twins being on the way. A few days ago, Jessa posted a poll to her Instagram account asking her fans to guess the sex of the baby(ies) — and three of the options were twins.

Now, maybe it’s just wishful thinking based on all that evidence, but fans are looking at the ultrasound photo Jessa posted to the photo-sharing site this week and they’re pretty sure they see more than one baby in there.

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“Throwback to exactly 10 weeks ago!” Jessa captioned the sweet shot. “#BabySeewald’s first ultrasound at 19 weeks 3 days! Amazing how we can take a peek at this sweet little face, tiny arms, and even see the baby’s umbilical cord! Such an amazing miracle! We’re so grateful to God for you! Almost to the 10 week countdown… and your daddy and I can hardly wait to meet you!”

Fans immediately started commenting about their theories that they could see two tiny faces in the photo instead of just one.

“Do I see twins?” one commented. Another added, “Twins… you can totally tell.”

And maybe it’s wishful thinking on our part, too, but we can kind of see what they’re talking about. Is that another face behind Baby Seewald? Hopefully we find out for sure soon!

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Time to weigh in: Do you see one baby in there or two? Do you think twins are on the way for the Seewalds? Head down to the comments and tell us your theories.

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