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Shonda Rhimes’ new show The Catch has its own backstage drama

It looks like Shonda Rhimes’ upcoming ABC drama The Catch has some drama of its own. The show creator and showrunner Jennifer Schuur has abruptly left the series, reportedly due to “creative differences” over the direction of the project.

The Catch, which is produced by Rhimes via her Shondaland banner, stars Mireille Enos as Alice Vaughan, a successful fraud investigator who falls victim herself to fraud by her fiancé Kieran (played by Parenthood‘s Peter Krause). Between her cases, she goes on a mission to track him down before he ruins her career and her life.

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Schuur came up with the concept for the show and has been with the project every step of the way, even earning praise from Rhimes at a panel earlier this summer. “Jennifer Schuur is very good at what she’s doing,” Rhimes said, per EW. “She is running along. We are doing what we do, which is helping the bird fly and holding the baby a lot.”

But it seems that things have now taken an unpredicted turn. Schuur quit the show this week, taking her right-hand man, writer Josh Reims, with her. Since a showrunner is pretty much responsible for guiding a series throughout production, losing one so far into the process seems like a bad sign, especially since The Catch has already seen its fair share of changes in recent months.

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Prior to Schuur’s exit, the show had already undergone some major recasting, with Krause replacing Damon Dayoub and another Parenthood alum, Sonya Walger, taking over for Bethany Joy Lenz. Dayoub and Lenz were cast in the original pilot to play the characters of Kieran and Zoe.

With Schuur’s departure marking the latest shake-up, it’s left many wondering what this all means for the show. The series is expected to move forward, but it certainly seems like the project has veered off into a very different direction from where it started. Whether that direction is better or worse remains to be seen.

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In the meantime, it’s not all bad news for The Catch. Shondaland veteran Allan Heinberg, who has worked on Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, is reportedly being eyed as the new showrunner. Hopefully, he’ll be able to finish what Schuur started and deliver what we’ve all come to expect from Rhimes: another juicy, addictive and compelling must-watch drama.

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