Boy George slated The Voice two years ago — now he’s a coach

Oh dear. Another case of “think before you tweet” has come to light. This time it involves BBC talent show The Voice and ’80s pop icon Boy George.

Unfortunately for Boy George, the recent news of his new role as a coach on The Voice has been tainted somewhat by the revelation that, two years ago, he was less than complimentary about the show that will be paying his (no doubt substantial) wages for several months.

The Culture Club frontman publicly announced that he was “thrilled” to be joining the programme but fans have pointed out that he used to hate the show, reports The Mirror.

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After watching The Voice in 2013 Boy George, 54, tweeted: “The Voice, it’s a TV show and these pointless vocal battles are proof that it’s nothing to do with creativity or growing! It’s drama!”

After the tweet was brought to the attention of The Voice bosses they responded publicly on their own Twitter account, posting: “Thanks for watching.” Boy George replied: “Well, I am paying for it!”

Shortly afterwards one of Boy George’s Twitter followers joined in the conversation, commenting: “You didn’t get asked to be a judge then?”

The singer hit back: “Yeah, consider yourself judged and blocked!”

Since his role on The Voice was announced a few days ago the “Karma Chameleon” hitmaker has received a mixed response from Twitter users (and has yet again been making good use of the “block” button).

In response to messages of encouragement from fans, he tweeted: “Ha. Don’t confuse and handful of ‘naysayers’ with a sea of love! 🙂 (sic)”

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Boy George is taking over from Tom Jones on the show, with the Welshman wasting no time in making it clear that he was rather unceremoniously dumped from the panel and, to make matters worse, he only found out he was being let go on the same day as his replacement was announced.

“It’s not that I was let go, it is how it was handled,” he told The Mirror. “If indeed the producers were planning a cast change back in March/April, after the most successful year of the series in terms of viewer numbers, a warm and civilised conversation was in order at that time. We would have been mutually appreciative for what we did for each other over the last four years. That the executives in charge couldn’t be ladies and gentlemen about it, that they were filled with paranoia about a ‘leak’ above all, is deeply insulting to our professionalism.”

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Boy George isn’t the only new coach on The Voice 2016 — Paloma Faith has been confirmed as Rita Ora’s replacement while Ricky Wilson and will be returning for next year’s lineup.


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