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Jenny McCarthy receives a surprising email from a controversial RHONY star

Well, this is awkward.

Jenny McCarthy opened her email to find a strange message waiting for her. And it was from none other than reality TV star Bethenny Frankel.

The Skinnygirl mogul had reached out to the former Playboy Bunny to see if she had any interest in being on the show! Of course, we got a hella weird reaction back from McCarthy, who said on her radio show, “Oh, my God, that’s so weird, I’m watching the Housewives of New York right now.”


And while she’s obviously a fan of the show, it doesn’t appear she will be joining the cast anytime soon, even if she did get an invitation (almost) hand delivered to her by one of the RHONY‘s most notable cast members.

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She explained there is a huge reason why she thinks she wouldn’t be a good fit. “I like watching the drama. The problem is, I’d have to go in with a choice and that is to be the peaceful warrior or the shit starter and I don’t know which one I’d enjoy doing. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life but a lot of those bitches have to be slapped in the face.”

Wow. Classy, Jenny. Tell us how you really feel.

Aside from the crass, vulgar and unnecessarily violent nature of her response, it seems pretty clear she won’t be making her way to the small screen anytime soon.

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The cohosts of her radio show seemed to think she might be good for the show, saying she should practice “flipping tables” and “throwing glasses” in preparation.

It is interesting (read: weird) that Frankel would be reaching out to McCarthy in the first place when she revealed to E! Online just before the finale of last season that she might not even be returning for the next season (so does this mean she’s trying to find her replacement?).

And, quite frankly, it’s just odd that one of the cast members is doing recruiting in the first place. But, hey, sometimes you have just got to shake things up.

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What do you think? Should McCarthy take Frankel up on her offer or steer clear of another reality show?

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