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Scream star teases Season 2 and how it won’t be like AHS

The body count has been getting pretty high on the new MTV series and it’s had more than a few fans wondering if enough characters would be left at the end to make it to another season.

Taylor-Klaus reassured us that Season 1 will be wrapped up, but not before setting up what’s going to happen next year.

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“It’s not going to be like American Horror Story,” she said. “It’s gonna have the same cast, the same characters — or whoever’s alive at the end of the season — going into the next season. There’s definitely more to the story.”

So fear not, Scream fans, you will be seeing at least some of your favorite characters back next season, though how many that will be is still anyone’s guess. Of course, all the Audrey lovers out there want to know if she will be back, and while we still don’t know the answer to that question, we do know that some big things are coming for her in the final episodes of the season.

“There’s a lot going on with everybody, but definitely with Audrey after that whole anger video came out,” Taylor-Klaus teased about the end of the season. “It’s going to take a second for her to reconnect with Noah, but she seems to have kind of solidified her bond with Emma,” she said, adding that the strengthened friendship between the two characters would be pivotal to the final episodes of this season.

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Taylor-Klaus has become known for playing characters who are very protective of those they love, including Audrey and her character on The Killing, Bullet. Is it a coincidence that she has played such similar roles or is she drawn to them for a particular reason? Taylor-Klaus said it was a little bit of both.

“Well, I’m actually a lot like [them],” she revealed. “It happens to be mostly a coincidence, but it makes sense because I’m a lot like that in real life and also I like characters that have darkness and passion and both those characters do.”

We’ve seen that Audrey’s passions have gotten her into a pickle, which is a trait Taylor-Klaus revealed she shares with the character. “I share that a little bit — my passions do definitely get me into trouble sometimes.”

Displaying strength of character both onscreen and off, it might come as a surprise to learn that Taylor-Klaus was once the victim of bullying. But it was that experience when she was younger that led her to get involved with the No Bull Nation program.

“I love what they’re doing,” she said about the program. “I love the premise. I love everything that they’ve done so far and I really want to be more a part of it, because I got bullied when I was younger, I’m not going to lie.”

Taylor-Klaus feels it’s important that bullying stop happening. “Yeah, there are those people who say, ‘It builds character and it made you who you are,’ but that’s not a fun way to become who you are,” she said.

It’s one of the many reasons she’s happy to be a part of a show like Scream, which has craftily combined messages about bullying into a horror TV show. “That’s another thing I love about Scream is that it’s not shoving it in your face going, ‘Hey! We’re teaching you a lesson right now.'”

Another program that she’s been a part of is Outward Bound, which she said was an incredible experience. “I met fantastic people and I spent 19 days without a phone, without electronics, literally just going. It was spectacular.”

The program, which sends people on outdoor adventures as a way to learn more about themselves, also taught Taylor-Klaus some important lessons about how to treat the environment. “It was really interesting because part of Outward Bound is leave nothing behind, leave no trace,” she said. “So we would cook for ourselves and clean up after ourselves. And when we cleaned up after ourselves, we cleaned up. We had to take everything with us when we left. We couldn’t leave anything. Nothing. Nothing at all. It was a beautiful experience.”

Through all of her work with various programs and charities, plus playing such strong characters, it’s easy to wonder if Taylor-Klaus feels a responsibility to be a role model for her generation. But for her, it goes much deeper than that.

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“I’m not sure if it’s a sense of responsibility. I want to leave the world a better place after I’m gone than it was when I came in. There was a story I heard growing up about the old man who planted a tree and people laughed at him because they were like, ‘That tree is never going to bear fruit in your lifetime,’ and he said, ‘I don’t care, it’s for my kids.’ I think that’s a concept that kind of stuck with me. Even if I never have children, it’s for the next generation.”

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