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Chad Michael Murray mourns death of his ‘1st born son’ (PHOTO)

Chad Michael Murray said goodbye to his best furry friend late Monday night in a touching Instagram tribute.

The One Tree Hill star’s late dog, Joe, was his “best bud & 1st born son” for 15 adventurous years.

Murray posted, “Thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me. You’ve been my kindred spirit, my unconditional friend. Thank you for carrying the weight that I could not. You taught me more about selflessness and compassion that I thought a dog could know. Thank you for always keeping the status Quo. Even the dogs at the dog park thank you for keeping the peace. Almost 15 years of adventures Joe and I’m so grateful for every minute. Rest easy now bud. Check in on us once and a while would ya… You’re missed and always will be. Thx for waiting to meet my son. This family won’t be the same without you but so much stronger because of you, Chad, Sarah & Baby Murray. [sic]”

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The actor and his wife were thankful their new son got to spend his first few months on this earth with Joe before he passed on, as he mentioned in the post. I am sure, if they are anything like most new parents and take a million photos of their new bundle of joy, they have plenty of the two of their beloveds together to cherish for their lifetime.

The couple welcomed their son in May, just a few short months after they announced they were married in January.

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Human parenthood, Murray said during an interview in May, is the “greatest thing in the whole world. I’m going to sit back and enjoy this new chapter.”

The outpouring of emotional and heartfelt condolences has been rolling in on his Instagram post. In the 17 hours since he posted the collage of cute images, there are almost 2,000 comments already from folks passing along their support to the grieving actor.

We are so sorry to hear about his loss, as we feel our fur babies are truly part of our family, too.

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