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Bachelor in Paradise‘s Samantha desperately tries to defend herself against haters

The latest season of Bachelor in Paradise has been filled with shocking twists and turns, but the latest episode was by far the worst.

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Everyone was convinced Joe Bailey was the villain of the household, but the plot thickens. When Joe ditched single mom Juelia Kinney for newcomer Samantha Steffen, fans were shocked. But the latest episode of the show revealed that Steffen and Bailey actually had a secret plan to be together all along — and they were willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

The episode exposed the scheme as cameras caught Samantha coaching Joe on what to say about how they first met, Us Weekly reports. However, Samantha appears to be denying she and Joe had a secret plot, and she’s desperately trying to defend herself.

She took to Twitter on Monday to defend herself and apologize to Juelia, informing fans that she was under Joe’s spell.

Joe responded to the tweet and appeared to think it was ridiculous.

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Samantha’s blaming everything on Joe and claiming she was under his “spell,” but fans are calling her out for it. Especially since Tanner claimed that Joe had shown him screenshots of text messages to him from Samantha.

“Watching Joe take the fall for this is just painful because I know Sam is just as guilty as he is,” Tanner confessed. “Before Paradise, Joe sent me a screen grab of a text message from Samantha telling Joe to do whatever it takes to stay in Paradise until she arrived.”

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Do you think Samantha is innocent and that she fell under Joe’s spell? Or is she just as guilty? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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