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Ronan Keating remarries; ex-wife Yvonne opens up about losing her identity

Boyzone star Ronan Keating and his new bride Storm Uechtritz were married earlier this week in a lavish ceremony in Edinburgh, Scotland but his ex-wife, Yvonne Connolly, has moved on with her life in the most beautiful, positive way, too.

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Connolly and Keating had a very messy public split and the former top model remained dignified throughout. But she’s finally opening up about her marriage and how she felt it stripped her of an identity.

“I made the decision not to work, to step away from the limelight when I had my first child. I turned down a lot of work during those years,” she told IMAGE magazine, the Goss reports. “In hindsight, I feel I lost my identity as a woman, as an individual. I was very happy to take my husband’s name. We all think when we marry that it will last forever.”

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Connolly admitted that she does have some regrets about the relationship but it’s got nothing to do with her former spouse.

“I do wish that I’d kept working, though, that I’d had more confidence in myself, as a mother and as a woman,” she confessed. “I realise now my children would have been just as well brought up had I worked.”

But since her divorce — which was finalised in April — Connolly has been working on a lot of new projects and she feels a “great sense of achievement” from that.

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“Since MasterChef, my life has completely changed… I feel a great sense of achievement in that,” she admits. “I never know what’s around the corner. There are quiet days, but then the phone will ring, a job will come in that interests me and everything changes. I’m at a really good stage in my life now.”

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